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4 Innovative Uses For Solar Energy Around The House

Most homeowners want to reduce their home’s energy consumption. Many are motivated to help the environment, to save money on electric bills, or both. No matter the motivation behind the goal, those of us who desire a more energy-efficient home should consider the use of solar energy. The four innovations below represent the newest in solar energy technology and are a great way to reduce a home’s energy costs:

Solar powered air conditioning

Around 11 percent of a household’s energy is used in cooling a house. For this reason, solar-powered air conditioning is a great way to reduce the average energy bill. Solar energy is derived from the sun and is a renewable energy resource. Solar modules are installed, which are made of photovoltaic cells, to harvest the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. Most often, a grid-tied system is used. The grid system uses solar energy when available. However, when it is dark and there is no solar energy being produced, the electricity is produced by a power station. Using these two types of energy in conjunction is the most common method of introducing solar energy into a household.

Solar powered outdoor lighting

The demand for solar-powered outdoor lights has boomed in recent years. Many homeowners grew tired of changing light bulbs on their outdoor lights and aren’t very fond of adding additional drains to their power grid. Besides, trying to run electricity to outdoor lights can become problematic. Thankfully, technology is now available for solar energy to be used in the outdoor setting. Solar light bulbs charge each day and turn on each night thanks to their solar charge. Various types of lighting are available ranging from walkway lights that edge sidewalks to and driveway to decorative solar-powered garden lights, Christmas lights, and utility.

Solar screens

Windows provide the number one access point for heat during the summer months. Thankfully, solar screens can prevent a lot of this heat from entering your home making it easier to keep cool. Other benefits of solar screens include an increase in daytime privacy, the creation of a custom look for the home and the protection of blinds, carpet, furniture and art from UV damage.

Solar ovens

Solar ovens have been around for a while. However, they were usually thought of as only applicable to camping. However, from an energy consumption standpoint, incorporating the use of a solar oven regularly definitely has its merits. Ovens use a considerable amount of energy and heat up the house when they are in use. A solar oven uses the heat from the sun to cook and can heat up to 300 degrees. If you are looking for a revolutionary way to reduce the amount of energy your household consumes, using a solar oven during the summer months can be a great idea.

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