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Tucking the Garden Away for the Winter...

So it's that time...

The time to pull up my annuals and tuck everything away. The vegetable garden has all been pulled up and turned for the season (save the 2 Brussels Sprouts still producing) and I'm just about done with the last weeding of the herb garden. Brian's raking leaves right now that I'm going to use to mulch up my perennial herbs. I'm going to *attempt* to keep my rosemary over-winter by super-insulating it from snow. It's listed as a perennial for zones 8-11 only, but *maybe* it will last with a little help? I thought about digging it up and bringing it in. I dunno, we will see...

I've already been looking at things for next year. With the current economic climate, there's a real good chance we're going to be looking at ways to expand. I've got some ideas in mind, such as along the deck between the bushes and possibly planting things in buckets and totes on the deck (I've been viewing YouTube vids of various people growing plenty of potatoes in 5 gallon buckets!).

I'm sad that winter's coming, but looking forward to next spring keeps me going!

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Comment by Cyndi on October 17, 2008 at 8:56pm
I'm sad that winter is coming too. This means that the farmers markets will be closing until next season. I sure do miss them during the off season. Providence has an indoor one in the winter starting Dec 6th and I hear something similar to this may be happening in Cohasset. Maybe I'll check these out.


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