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We're pushing the envelope on the number of poultry permitted within the confines of the City. We defend our temporary surplus as seasonal and well-behaved. Turkey, after all, are docile creatures and they'll be gracing us for only a few months. Well, we have the most mischievous group of siblings in Southwestern Virginia.

We couldn't bear keeping these beauties in the tractor any longer. It was just to small for 9 turkeys and frankly, our yard was just to small for all of them in addition to our chicken flock. So we set them free at about 3 months, and thats when they started flying over the fence regularly. We tried to reason with them, bribing them with watermelon, apples, and cucumbers. It didn't work. The grass apparently really is greener on the other side. They left us no choice but to thin the flock to a more manageable gang. The threat and family loss didn't work. They were unfazed. We bartered for some more layers and cash and ended keeping the same number of mouths to feed. Our surplus numbers are turning not so temporary...

Anyway, our turkeys started roosting in neighbors trees and we would wake to them pacing the outside fence perimeter. They could get out easily but just couldn't seem to figure out how to get back in. Interesting. And frustrating. So, clipping the wings seemed the logical thing to do. We'd done it with our chickens with great success. We wrangled this feisty gang and gave them all high and tight trims. They were grounded or so we thought.

On Saturday morning (630am) our neighbor, who was coming back from 3rd shift, rang the front door. Thanks to toddlers we were up, but still surpised to hear it so early. Not bothering to put on shoes or too many clothes, I ran down the steps before realizing it was my neighbor and figured he needed a jump or to borrow some more powertools; but thats a different story. I opened the door and he looked at me quizzically and asked, "Umm.....I think one of your turkeys is on my sister's car....are you missing a turkey?" Well, I thought, I sure hope its one of my turkeys but what the hell is it doing on your sister's car way up the street? And he quickly followed up, "...and there are two cats circling the wagon..."

So, barefoot and half-naked, I darted out of the house up the street to rescue and recover 'Blue,' our only beautiful Blue Slate turkey of the flock. There he was, pooping proudly all over my neighbor's volvo, pacing in circles on the hood. I scared the cats away and encouraged him off the car, up the sidewalk, between our neighbors yards, and he ran right into the fence. Apparently at that point, he wasn't interested in flying.

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Comment by Nancy on September 16, 2010 at 9:44pm
I love it! You said you live in the city? Are you going to butcher all of your turkeys? I thought about having a turkey or two but read up somewhere and it said not to keep them with chickens - something about cross contamination of diseases. Any problems? Aside from the flying, of course...


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