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Some times when something very small happens to me but brings a moment of enjoyment, satisfaction, fullfillment, then I personally want to make that moment last and the best way for me to do that is to write it down. Often these moments are over growing things so hey why not add a little to my homegrown page when that happens.

It happened just minutes ago. I was out watering my now successful vegetable patch and loving how an eggplant grows reaching branches out and growing eggplants in balance so not to over load one branch or one side of the plant. There may be three eggplants on one branch but even those seem to balance each other. It just amazes me how this works.

Next I thought about how isn't it strange that the vegetables I use the most are the ones I have been most successful with. I could make eggplant parm every other day and my husband would be in his element of happiness. He thinks we are eating vegetarian and healthy when we have eggplant parm. He is correct that it is vegetarian but with the amount of bread crumbs, olive oil and cheese I use there is no way this is healthy, yet very tasty.

Another favorite of his is the thai crispy salad that you make with lots of ingredients but cabbage is the base. Now if I took away the crispy wontons and ground peanuts I don't think he would even eat this salad that we eat as a main dish. Since I think November I have been able to grow all my own cabbage and I use it in other things too like another favorite vegetable soup. The vegetable soup may actually be healthy now that add wild rice instead of sopping it up with lots of bread and butter.

I picked a cabbage after watering today and trimmed all the outer leaves right into the compost box. When I brought it up stairs and rinsed it off  holding it in my hand, feeling its weight and thinking about how solid tight and most wonderfully edible this cabbage has grown and just can't quite believe that it works this way. I know I would never get this thought or feeling when I buy a cabbage from a supermarket. It is a feeling that brings me so much peace and satisfaction. Isn't that a bit crazy to feel so much over growning a silly cabbage?

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Comment by Yvonne on March 21, 2012 at 11:00am

Congrats Sarah - I'm right there with you and feel a great swell of pride everytime I pick anything I've grown myself.

Comment by Caroline Malcolm on March 21, 2012 at 11:30am

Not crazy. It's lovely. Go enjoy the satisfying crunch of your cabbage!

Comment by Marianne Smith on March 21, 2012 at 12:41pm

Excellent!  Food grown at home tastes so much better.  It is very satisfying.


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