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Can I?

"Can I clean out the garage gutters, Mommy?"

I let him. He took a box with him to fill one of the planters, filled it, and planted the Alaska peas. So now the pot on top of the chicken house is planted. We both agreed that the two behind the garage are too heavy for us to move, so I'll have to see if the recalcitrant one will put them somewhere more convenient.

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Live Below the Line 2014, garden progress


I am doing it again this year! Not too sure how much of my garden produce is going to make it into the mix (though pretty sure radishes will be up enough!), but the eggs are a definite ingredient to my meals!

Corn, 3 kinds of pumpkin, and zucchini have just been direct seeded into the new plot. Jasper helped plant the sweet corn.

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Boners are awesome!

And your mind went straight to the gutter didn't it?

Pat Boner fixes my computers. Chris Boner and his boys tend to do the yardwork once I give up on my children.

Today, Chris and one of his boys, Mason, came over. They finished the tilling for the corn/squash area - along with fixing the cultivator I didn't realize was broken because it's been like that the whole time I've owned it - and cleared 2.5 beds and three of the paths of the sewer project dirt. I had…


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More seeds!

Also, I got 4 more packets of seeds today. Caserta squash, which is apparently some type of zucchini (all hail zuke bread and zuke cake!), curshaw green striped pumpkin, golden beauty corn, and pak choi white stem chinese cabbage. I may actually have to till up a lot more of the yard than I thought, and rearrange some of the planned potted plants that haven't been potted yet.

Did I mention that the fishtank now holds - yes, I did. Okay. Good then. I'm not too sure it's…


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ow ow ow... stupid weather

Okay, when did decrepit kick in? Ow. I managed to till 1.5 of the borders, and had to stop, and just now managed 2.5 rows with the tiller before I couldn't feel my hands or feet, but could DEFINITELY feel my back having kittens. And cows. And possibly a couple of blue whales.

I am trying to get the corn/squash/pumpkin area tilled up before the thunderstorms start Saturday. Whether or not I will go ahead and plant is debatable, because now the weather man tells me it's going to…


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I saw green things!

There are green things!

My chives survived, apparently. They're growing nicely. There are radishes and lettuces and some other salady stuffs coming up, and I've flowers already blooming. The established ones, not the ones I planted.

Had to reseed some of the stuff. I dislike thoroughly three days of sun and 70's followed by two inches of snow overnight. Cucumbers are growing. I saw what looks to be okra as well. The rest of 'em are still thinking about…


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weekend business

So, Saturday, finally figured out one of the missed calls I got on Wednesday was from Sonic. Apparently, they did not care enough to leave a message, and naturally when I called them, my battery died. My youngest may be right. It might be a good idea to reinvest in a landline, and put my old corded phones back to work. At least they can't die partway through a call! Also, lunch rush is probably a bad time to call a Sonic anyhow. The other number remains an…


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Requested picture

Okay then. Someone wanted a picture. And clearly, I need to have a discussion with the time/date thing on my camera, since I took this today.

So, to the front is the newest fridge bed, now planted with mini sweet peppers, radishes, argula, and leaf lettuce.

To its right, there are 3 of…


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Things Proceed

Raked and raked a lot of leaves up today and burnt them. The burnt stuff will be divided between compost piles, the new fridge, and the potato towers. Dunno why, but the potatoes love the stuff. I'm sure there is a perfectly good gardening reason, but I don't really care what it is. Hack gardener!

There's been quite a lot of wind and horrifying weather switches. You know, the 72dF one day, the next you've got 2" of snow? Those.  Planted crap anyhow, because this is how I…


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Cataloging complete.

Hm. Well. *contemplates*

The garden plan called for:






giant sunflower


multiple colors of carrot


summer squash

winter squash

yukon gold potato


sugar snap pea

oregon snow pea



acorn squash



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I suppose it is time to catalog what seeds I have and see how they compare to the "garden plan" I assembled. And when the snow goes away and it has dried up some, it will be time to go rake off all the beds and make sure the plan to work around the sewer line will actually work.

Technically, I think I can plant lettuce now. I've heard of people sowing the seeds on top of snow...

And I need to start collecting the supplies I will need to get that one domajiggy…


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Chicken suggestions

Wow, there are a lot of suggestions over to facebook for the birdies! Thanks, guys!

I noticed some of you thought it was weird that I brought them into the bathroom. I have a bad hip that acts up when it feels like it, and have learned to dislike icy patches very intensely because of it. Given the steps and downhill slope to the pen, and the fact the the door must be lifted up and moved over, once it gets cold enough that ice and snow are factors, it is a great deal easier to…


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Bathroom Barnyard

I'm only kinda kidding. When it gets cold enough to freeze, the critters come in. I've had dogs, cats, rabbits, and chickens running around the house at different points, depending on what critters we have.

There aren't any rabbits this year, the cats have the run of the house, the dog is naughty and confined to the kitchen (or a little pen attached to the back porch for out times), and the chickens are divided out between two old rabbit cages and a pet taxi for a very large…


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I finally got over being sick, several miserable days worth, and decided that since it was decently dry, I'd go see if there were any potatos available.

This is my second year trying potato towers made out of old tires, and this year, I got a reasonable amount of taters for the utter lack of care my garden thrives under. (I'm serious. If I weed, the plants die. If I don't, they give me noms.) I planted Yukon Gold for the first time ever. Last night, we had a couple of the…


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Been awhile, garden kinda sucked, crap has happened.

Been awhile since I did any posting. It's been... a year. My jalepenos did well, my tomatoes okay, and my green and yellow peppers not bad. The experimental eggplant and cabbage, not so good, the corn flopped terribly, the radishes did horrible, the carrots I still can't find. Even the GARLIC that usually does wonderfully failed badly. The butternut squash did okayish, the summer squash a little better, and the zucchini not so hot. The acorn squash tried, and then the blasted squash bugs…


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Below the Line, phase 2

I am $52 short of my goal, so I am continuing the Below the Line challenge. This week is Australia's week, but I'm keeping to the US $ limit.

My tummy's a little made at me right now. What I need are some good ideas on what to do with the dandelions! I've just been using them as salad. Does anyone have another use for them that…


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Below the Line

Below the Line is a 5 day challenge and fundraiser. That link will take you to my profile page. But trying to do it has lead me to notice something:

My backyard is kinda awesome, now that I'm using what just kinda grows there all on its own. I've got 3 different kinds of edible flowers, some wild garlic, wild basil, and some volunteer onions. I know they're volunteers, because the weather's been too wonky to…


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ye gods, I found energy

(so I am camped in front of the computer for the weekend!) Then again, the forecast for the weekend reads "hail and tornados", so I'm fine with staying inside.

Soooo... I started out with 3 long beds, which, from my prior post, needed the gook…


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And, naturally....

Got all the gook raked off the beds - yes! I actually did it! Found two little carrots that had somehow survived, and realized the onions I'd left were greening up. (I think I need to separate them).

Naturally, now, the wind is pretty much straight from the north, bringing with it clouds of greyness and anticipated snow flurries this evening. Explain why I am tempted to plant stuff anyhows?

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Entering the fray

Huh. I just realized I had a blog here! Bad me -I've been a member how long now?

So, it's January. I'm contemplating ways, means, and the ever popular "Do I have enough energy for this?" of the plotting out, building up, and prepping of the garden. Being as, for some weird reason, it is 60=something in January, in Kansas, and therefore good weather for doing so. (I am firmly of the belief, incidentally, that there will be a blizzard in July to make up for…


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