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Ray Glover
  • Male
  • Saint Marys, WV
  • United States
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Ray Glover replied to Jana Franzen's discussion 'Winter Chickens' in the group Backyard Chickens
"Mine just go on as they are. If it is real windyand cold they will stay on the leeward side of a bush or building. They seldom venture far from the coop if the snow is very deep but I put fresh water out for them a couple times a day and have a…"
Dec 5, 2013
Ray Glover replied to Michelle Wire's discussion '"Real Talk" about chick behavior. I need insider information!' in the group Backyard Chickens
"I always raise my spring chicks in the green house. A chick will sleep a little longer under the red lamp at night if there is no other light, but as long as they can see they will eat and drink every time they wake up. And chicks do wake up often…"
Apr 18, 2013
Ray Glover replied to Cindy's discussion 'How many chickens can put into a coop the size of an outhouse?' in the group Backyard Chickens
"3-4 square feet of coop floor per chicken is what most "experts" recommend but 2 sq. ft. is plenty if they are allowed to come and go as they please. The more room your chickens have the happier and more healthy they will be. Space…"
Mar 11, 2013
Ray Glover replied to Cindy's discussion 'Should I buy live baby chicks or hatchery eggs to incubate?' in the group Backyard Chickens
"Rachel Hoff gives you very good points to consider. I would only add that unless you want to go to the time and expense of incubating just for the "experience" of it (kids seem to get a kick out of it, at least the first time, lol) it is…"
Feb 4, 2013
Ray Glover replied to Kali's discussion 'Bedding' in the group Backyard Chickens
"Some ornamental shubs might have toxins in the leaves that could harm chickens, but any leaves that get raked up from trees in the yard, or gathered from the woods would be fine. "
Oct 9, 2012
Ray Glover replied to Kali's discussion 'Bedding' in the group Backyard Chickens
"The two most important things about bedding and floor covering is clean and dry. My girls aren't at all picky beyond that. I use whatever is available at the time I need it. They like hay because they can scratch and peck seeds…"
Oct 8, 2012
Ray Glover replied to Erich Gottl's discussion 'Digestive Help?' in the group Backyard Chickens
"One possibility is that she is "more sensitive" (for my lack of a better term) to the type of feed you are using. Bugs and weeds are hard to come by right now. Does she get any supplemental grains? greens? If not, you might try…"
Feb 21, 2012
Ray Glover replied to Tracey Carlson's discussion 'Aggressive Hen' in the group Backyard Chickens
"I know this is a couple of weeks by, but just wanted to say howdy and that Ms. Rachel and Ms. Dawn are right on top of it. I also wanted to add to Ms. Rachel's comment about leaving your dog and the birds unattended and what she…"
Nov 28, 2011
Ray Glover joined Pete and Izzy's Mom's group

Backyard Chickens

A place to discuss and share the joy and trials of chicken raising! Share your chicken knowledge, photos, coop plans, ask questions, anything chicken related!See More
Nov 28, 2011
Ray Glover is now a member of HOMEGROWN
Nov 28, 2011

Profile Information

What kind of HOMEGROWN are you?
Fill in the Blank
Fill in the blank:
Rednecked Hillbilly Dirt Making Chook Daddy
A bit about me:
A sometimes foul mouthed, tight arsed, redneck who refuses to pay for anything I can do myself.
I won't use store bought what can be self wrought.
And Mama claims that chicken happiness gets to much thought.
Use my chooks to build the soil and quickly dispatch the 'coon or coyote that trys to spoil.
And never feed my food with fertilizer that comes from oil.
Latest greatest meal cooked at home:
Bacon, cheese, Scotch Bonnet, mushroom, spinach, fried tater omeltte.
Currently reading:
Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson's Eye of the World, Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove(again) and Steven King's Everythings Eventual (again)
Currently listening to:
Cackleberry Medley and That's my Hen Get Off From Her re-mix.
My latest DIY project:
Chook Palace expansion/compost heap building and door replacement.
How did you find HOMEGROWN.org?
Just doing a google for chook sites and this looked woth some time
Web site I recommend:

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