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FOWL PLAYER: Next up in our series of HOMEGROWN introductions is Felix, a 100-percent HOMEGROWN gent from the picturesque-sounding locale of Mulberry, Kansas. After reading how Felix describes himself—“middle-school dropout, mechanic, coal miner, bachelors degree at 58, graduate work, college prof, husband, dad, G-dad, GG-dad, breeder of Buckeyes and RI-White chickens, and, above all, Christian”—we started to feel awfully lazy.

Thankfully, Felix has a suggestion for one way to spend some productive time: He recommends The Call of the Hen, an early-20th-century tome on chicken keeping that’s available via Google Books. Have you given it a gander? Swap reading-list recommendations with Felix, or just say hello, by posting a note below or on his page. Maybe he’ll even share the secret to his Western omelet with you. (OK, you twisted our arm: It’s pork.)

What is Meet Your Neighbors? Most of us spend a fair amount of time tending our online gardens, but it’s easy to forget there’s a real person behind every quiche recipe, chicken inquiry, and hoophouse design here on HOMEGROWN. Well, nuts to that! MYN gives us a chance to meet over the back fence and shake hands. (Or maybe hug? We’re huggers. But no pressure.)

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