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BALTIMORE DIY, INDEED This week we’re kicking it old school and putting the spotlight on long-time HOMEGROWN member Aliza Ess. Take some time to click through her archives here and at her web site, Baltimore DIY. Aliza’s most recent post to The Stew asks “What are some of your homesteading inspirations? She certainly has inspired us through her urban livestock-keeping operation, community urban farm project, and all-round cheerful involvement in the enrichment of her Baltimore City neighborhood.

We remember when Aliza was first starting to experiment with foraging, food preservation and gardening, and now she has learned so much and is passing her knowledge on to others!. Bravo Aliza! We’re honored to call you a veteran member of the community

Please join us in thanking Aliza for her efforts – or just say howdy! Post a comment below or shoot her a message.

What is Meet Your Neighbors? Most of us spend a fair amount of time tending our online gardens, but it’s easy to forget there’s a real person behind every quiche recipe, chicken inquiry, and hoophouse design here on HOMEGROWN. Well, nuts to that! MYN gives us a chance to meet over the back fence and shake hands. (Or maybe hug? We’re huggers. But no pressure.)

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Comment by Aliza Ess on October 22, 2012 at 10:40am

Wow, thank you so  much! I just got back from vacationing in the Finger Lakes and this was a lovely present upon my return home. Thanks for providing a community space for upstart homesteaders all over!


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