martha turner


Dallas, TX

United States

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Dirt Under My Fingernails City Slicker
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Want to garden but Texas defeats me. I knit, spin, sew, have redone houses.My specialty is making something out of nothing but cannot get veggies to grow.
Latest greatest meal cooked at home:
Split pea soup made with the broth from a 20 lb turkey and many veggies. The soup HATER in my house had 2 big bowls.
Currently reading:
energy medicine for women by Donna eden
Currently listening to:
What my teenage son does. Family peace (I like all music)
My latest DIY project:
making "fabric" out of thin plastic garbage bags, then sewing into bags. Also growing wheatgrass.
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  • Jennifer

    Hi there, Martha, and welcome to HOMEGROWN! My name is Jennifer, and I’m the flock tender here: site updater and tweaker, feeder and waterer of our little community. (I’m also a native Texan.) I’m so glad you found us! I hope you’ll turn up plenty of projects and ideas here to spur you on, and I hope you’ll be game for sharing more of your own, too, in our member blog, The Stew. We’ve got a lot of master gardeners around these parts who are happy to share growing advice! I’d also love to hear more about your garbage-bag fabric, please! Elsewhere on HOMEGROWN, you can always find the latest additions to the site at the top of the homepage, and if you ever need help finding your way around, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on my profile page or shoot me a message. I hope you feel right at home!