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What kind of HOMEGROWN are you?
Dirt Under My Fingernails City Slicker
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I'm your friendly HOMEGROWN flock tender. Got a question? I can help!
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Native Texan, longtime Chicagoan, now a proud Massachusette with a mean pecan pie recipe, a penchant for screen printing, a halfway decent backyard garden, and a totally pathetic mile run.
Latest greatest meal cooked at home:
An endive and romaine salad with carrots and cucumbers alongside a zucchini-squash-tomato-basil tart: a dinner that would have used a little of everything from my CSA if I hadn’t forgotten the garlic. (Note to self: Remember the garlic.)
Currently reading:
Gmail; The New York Times; Cook’s Illustrated; Texas Monthly; Wired; Rolling Stone; The Country of the Pointed Firs, by Sarah Orne Jewett; The Preservation Kitchen, by Paul Virant and Kate Leahy; clam shack reviews on Yelp; instructions for mesquite smoking brisket. Mmmm, brisket.
Currently listening to:
Dirty Projectors, Tune Yards, Beirut, and Willie. Always Willie.
My latest DIY project:
Screening outdoor movies in the yard—most recently Clue, on the patio, with a rope.
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It must have been fate.
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  • Crystal Kinman

    Thanks for the warm welcome - and from a fellow native Texan no doubt! I look forward to learning a lot and contributing any way I can! I'm loving this site so far! 

  • Laura Blum

    Thank you for the warm welcome Jennifer.  I'm originally from North Carolina and grew up on a small farm in the foothills of Appalachia's.  I learned to garden from my Grandma and Grandpa who raised me.  They would be so amazed at the information that can be found here online!  What I got from them was a life long passion for Mother Earth and for green and growing things.  I'm happy to be here with like minded people!!   I'll be happy to share my hush puppy recipe.  It's easy as pie when you know the cheats!!  LOL

  • Lynne Campbell

    Yes, finally it has been warm all week. I was out raking up the rest of the leaves from the flowerbeds. It felt so good to get out. Hope the nice weather continues. 

  • Emily Akins

    I think I know who can help you with your How to Start a Community Garden for your 101 series! Here in KC we have the KCCG - Kansas City Community Gardens - which is a large community garden that offers plots to garden as well as seeds, tools, and know-how - all the resources someone might need to start their own community garden in their neighborhood. Here is their website - I'll see if I have any other contact info for them.

  • Emily Akins

    Oh, and just a quick note: I checked your resources page and noticed that you added the KC Food Circle to your Kansas page but not your Missouri page. I should have specified for you. We are actually in Missouri but we promote farms on BOTH sides of the state line. Could you add the KC Food Circle blurb to your Missouri listing, too? Thank you! 

  • Bill Graney

    Thanks Jennifer, coincidentally I am planning to grow some pumpkins this year.   I made a pumpkin fondue in my wood fire oven for Thanksgiving last year that was a huge hit so I thought I would grow some pumpkins for that and I also like to brew a pumpkin beer in the fall.  The package of seeds say's about 100 days from beginning to end for pumpkins so I was planning to plant in the June/July timeframe. Will be happy to chronicle the experience if you're still interested at that time.  Bill

  • Joe Ronne

    Hi Jennifer
    I found you thru a A friend who sends me notices on Facebook.. Have enjoyed them so friended the sight. Living in a Condo with a small porch limits me to growing herbs but I visit the loacal farrmers market (Glenwood in Rogers park and one across the street run bu Loyola University) for all manner of homegrown food.
  • Emily Akins

    Thanks! Just posted an event for this weekend! :)

  • Lynne Campbell

    I was cleaning out and uncovering some flowers that are starting to come up. I have day lillies, foxglove, echinacea, daffodils, tulips, and peonies. I usually add a few more every year. I also have a lot of hasta. My yard is mostly shaded by a huge sycamore tree. It is a great natural air conditioner, but makes it challenging to grow vegetables. I usually put veggie plants in containers on my front porch. 

  • Virginia Williams

    Hello Jennifer, I am so glad to have found your site.  I have to tell you that I don't get any more housework done as I love reading all the comments and links.  Grin…I am sending family and friends your link.  

  • Joe Ronne

    I live across Sheridan from Loyola University and yes .. The Blue Cheese burger is wonderful on the patio or by a fireplace in the darkened interior. My favourite place tho is Furama for Dim Sum
  • Laura Blum

    Jennifer, I have no clue where to start.  I learned to tend the garden, water, weed, etc.. when I was a small child.  the same with just about everything else I learned to do.  I grew up in the foothills of the Applachians' and I always loved to be around the older folks and listen to their stories and songs.  I learned to make molasses and apple cider.. I learned to butcher and cure my own meats.  I can also grow my own sheep or goats. Shear them.. card and clean the wool and then spin it.. and dye it using naturals dyes.   I really don't know how much I do or don't know.. But I do have problems when it comes to some things.. like leggy plants.. I wish I had a south facing window like my grandma did!!

  • Erika S. Haines

    Hi there!  New pictures up of the progress of my garden, if you're so inclined...Have an awesome day! :)

  • Piper Green

    Thanks Jennifer! I am excited to be a part of the community here, I have so much to learn! Thanks!

  • Cathy Dulmage

    Hi Jennifer! So sorry for the late response: it has been a hectic year. I am happy to be here, excited to meet fellow homegrown enthusiasts, and just darn glad to be alive! So nice to meet you!

  • kathie benson

    hi jennifer glad to be a part of this, i really don't have a green thumb, but I'm not giving up:)

  • Anna-Marie

    Hi Jennifer, thank you!! I will check out the stuff you recommend, and I actually made pizza just the other day! :D 

    Thanks again for the nice welcome. 

    :) Anna x

  • Patrick Sullivan

    Thanks so much Jennifer. I'm excited to join the community! Now that summer is coming I hope to really dig in to the site. 

  • Jan Brosius

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for the delightful welcome.
    Not sure how much I can contribute, as I am searching for answers. At the same time, I do not wish to be just a taker. My desert plants are very early stage....and, as noted, I do not exactly have a green thumb.
    (but then, maybe in the desert, a brown thumb will serve well, too.)
    Lots to learn about drought resistant plants and how to surround myself with beauty - with very little water. I've lived here long enough to qualify as a 'desert rat'....but still have. A lot to learn.
    Thank you for this wonderful site, with its wealth of experience - and recipes, of course.
  • Morgan C

    Thanks for the welcome message! 

  • Belinda Waldo

    I am going to try the ketchup recipe.  I have kale growing like crazy in the yard and need a few good recipes for my abundant harvest.  I have made bean and kale soup that is delicious. 

  • leland sweeten


    Thanx for the note. will send more stuff about me soon.

    and the peach pie recipe also.

  • Garden Gal

    Thanks so much Jennifer. Can't wait to submit my projects. Im on this site all the time. Love it.
  • Jennifer

    GG: So glad you're here and *really* thrilled to hear that you love the site. If it's any good, it's because of the folks like you who use it!

  • leland sweeten

    ok will get busy and post the recipe soon.

    also the tomato preserves recipe

    it is hot in Pasadena,texas today

  • Nancy L Rosser

    Hi Jennifer!  New to this site and would like to have a question answered about hot peppers.  Can you help me?  I have a beautiful variety called Beaver Dam Hot that i am trying to find out about.  if anyone has grown them and knows how hot they get please let me know.  I am really happy to have found this forum and am looking forward to benefiting from your collective knowledge!  Nancy Rosser

  • Tara Aders

    Thank you so much, Jen. I'm happy to be here. My progress and participation may be slow, but I'm so happy I have connected and am getting started. Take care :-)

  • Jean McKeen

    Thanks for the welcome. 

    Ann's drain has been bothering me for awhile now...Leaving a comment made me think even more!


  • Kathy La Plante

    Thanks for the welcome note Jennifer. I am very excited to begin this new chapter of my life. I am a bit impatient at this point to move back home and start but must wait until I can retire from my job. I'll keep in touch and look forward to getting more involved with communities like this!

  • Pam Joseph

    Thanks for your welcome, Jennifer. I'll get on the Stew and see how I go with posting a photo or two.

  • Maggie

    Thanks for your welcome message Jennifer! I am looking forward to learning from other members here.  //Maggie

  • Sarah

    Thanks for the welcome Jennifer! I am excited to be a part of this community!

  • TheBingeThinker

    Hi and Thank You! Perfect timing for your welcome. I just got my new, larger pressure canner :D AND spent yesterday at the farmers market, so I'm looking forward to using this site and putting some questions out there and hopefully answers. Right now my kitchen table, sink, dish rack and counter are all covered with produce. I'll be back here once my fridge is cleaned out and packed saying.... heeeeeeelllp!
  • Julie Demboski

    Thank you so much, Jennifer--what a lovely welcome! I hope to spend lots of time at Homegrown--see you there!

  • Pam Peterson


    Thank you for the kind and informative welcome.  I look forward to becoming an active participant.

  • Rosey Romijn

    Thanks so much.  It looks like a very interesting site where I'm sure I can learn a lot to add to my ever expanding bank of knowledge.  :))

  • Kelly Van Howe

    Hi Jennifer. Thank you for being so friendly and welcoming. I will try to put on some pics soon.

    Peace and blessings,


  • NB & TL Getzinger

    Thanks Jennifer, we look forward to being a part of this awesome group and will be happy to add where we can and will definitely take in all that we can.

  • Gloria Goldschmidt

    Hi everyone.  Thanks for welcoming me to the group Jennifer.  I tend to be less on the computer in the summer months so please forgive me if you write and I don't respond very quickly.  I"m still trying to find my way around this site...there's so much to see and learn!

  • Denise Baldock

    Hey Jennifer!  You're just the people I've been looking for.  My husband and I are retired and live on a small lake in Northern British Columbia.  We just returned from a fabulous trip to Vermont and were very interested in Sustainable living.  I want to live like my Granny did 70 years ago.  We have 5 acres and have just started raised bed gardening and our lake is a protected habitat with rainbow trout in it.  I was diagnosed with Cancer in 2010 that was thought to be terminal initially.  I am now cancer free and convinced that fast food and poor habits contributed to my lymphoma.  So, I've decided to become a good example instead of a bad warning.  I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone!  take care, denise

  • Kristin Yates

    Thank you for the welcome. So happy I found your page! And yes the town I live in is really named "Homestead", it's a small but growing city in the very southernmost east coast of Florida, that used to be mainly all farmland. The farmland is slowly disappearing unfortunately, but still enough farmland around to make me feel like I don't live 30 minutes outside Miami. Again, thanks for the welcome, can't wait to dive in!
  • Julia Barnett

    Thank you for the welcome! 

    We got to our new home  2 weeks ago this Sunday evening.  From almost 3 decades in North Texas to West of The Divide is a pretty big jump.  Am beginning to come out of the shock.  But,  many happenings prior to intense no sleep packing time modules to  the actual travel in which I refused to sleep and tried to not even close my eyes because I wanted to take it all in....////I have little or vague recollection of most everything except what transpired between me and my kiddos.  So, I am going to get back into this.  But, it's gonna take some time.   Still learning my way around town and still unpacking and nursing one of our pets that did not handle the transition all that well.  Thank goodness for the balance between medical and herbal and homeopathic! 

    Oh!  Received today our Farm Aid Red Bandanas !!!!   Got mine on now! 

    I will stay connected - just gonna be a bit slow at first.

    So very grateful for being a part of this.

    Much Care,

    Julia Barnett

  • Vicki Bright

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for the welcome. I appreciate it.


  • Mary Lou Russo

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you so much for your sweet welcome and all your help pointing me in the direction of getting to know my neighbor's. I have been very successful since that day. I now have a local produce farmer and egg farmer every week right down the road! I have two happy animal farmers and just can not decide which one to choose, so for now I am doing one one month and the other the other month, lol:) My 3 year old Grandson and I are going to a local fruit, berries & nuts farm tomorrow. That farm is about an hour away so I will do much freezing and only visit a few months out. I even found a homemaker that will supply me with personal care items. I have spent the most wonderful hours of my time visiting all these farmers and remenising to my childhood farm days:) My husband and I are talking about buying a goat either to raise here or have a local farmer raise for us while we benefit from the milk so I can make my own Kefir and the farmer is going to give me all the tips to make my own cheese. I wasn't kidding when I said Thank you to Farm Aid when they thanked me for volunteering. I have never been happier finally getting back to my roots and getting to know my neighbors. The farm aid awareness was like fairy dust the two days I worked with all those volunteers! I will send you pictures of my walls and flowers in the spring. That will give me time to learn how to do such things (post pics) and they are all gone now for fall leaves are the only necessity right now. Maybe I'll be able to let you know how the goat cheese is coming then too! You are wonderful and I appreciate the time you took to give me the push to visit my neighbors. PS: All the farms I am dealing with are Certified Natural thanks to!!! Love being with so many people who love and appreciate our beautiful earth, our only beautiful earth:) Happy Holloween!

  • Olivia Lightle

    Jennifer--I appreciate your willingness to guide me through the site and look forward to contributing.

  • Lorraine Dales

    Many Thanks.
  • Richard E Zollinger

    Thanks for the welcome Jennifer!

  • David Weyeneth

    Hi Jennifer,

    Solar panels atop Glenn Anton Building here at Yakima Valley Community College produce enough power to light up three hundred-watt light bulbs in full sun. I headed the paint crew for one building here which is graced by solar German water heating tubes giving hand-washing water to three buildings, I am told. I have equipment to measure how much air leaks out of a structure such as a house, giving ideas on improving duct integrity and air tightness to reduce heating/cooling costs.

    My daughter and I are exploring horse work. I volunteer at the Pegasus project to lead horses for physically impaired kids to ride. I enjoyed listening to Montey Roberts on communication with horses, and I am being taught some of that in classes for volunteers. I value horse work as a sustainable component in providing power for human activity.

    The ten acres of desert steppe I bought could be the site of very sustainable development. I would like to see a sweat lodge there.

    My cooking is simple. I work on learning cooking and diet to care for my diabetic body.

    Love to visit sometime. Or host people on a walkabout on Papa's Mountain.

    Thanks for your reply.

    Peace and Love,


  • Julia Hernandez

    Jennifer, hi!  Thanks for pointing the way.  I'll head out to look for the biscuit recipe (may be just the thing to go with my pressure cooked chicken this evening!)

  • martha turner

    Thank You for kind welcome. I am new to sharing on-line and will share pictures of my garbage bag/shopping bag creations as soon as I figure out how. Today I am growing wheat grass for juicing and potting up some newly rooted rosemary.