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I can only grow in pots and 5 gallon buckets. Last year I grew 2 types of tomatoes, green peppers and an assortment of herbs, but I want to expand. Can anyone help me out with vegetables that do well in containers?

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I grew potatoes in containers just fine - and tomatoes as well. Really, many many things grow well in containers if you have good soil!
It is important to keep soil moist, plants fertilized with organic fertilizer. I use Medina Hasta Gro. Also the Earth Pots are great!
Things I have successfully grown in containers (in Los Angeles): tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, arugula, chard, kale, spinach, onions, herbs of all kinds. I got a pretty decent brussles sprout stalk in a container, too, but then the aphids got it. I imagine you could also do broccoli in a container, or anything that grows on one bit stalk like that.

One thing I learned: Be sure to empty and clean out your containers between plantings. A lot of times something will get a fungus towards the end of its growing cycle and then leave the fungus in the soil to kill the next thing you plant. So, rotate your buckets just as you would rotate crops in your garden.
Last year I grew: tomatoes, bush beans, cucumbers, zuchinni, radishes & red & green peppers in 5 gallon buckets and large "salad" bowls.

This year, I hope to add eggplant, beets, bok choi, pie pumpkins & lettuce. Maybe melons but need to do more research.

My dad grows potatoes in trash cans.
Late last Spring I bought 2 or 3 seedling trays from local nurseries on discount. This & that veggies and a few flowers. Two six packs of Broccoli seedlings ended up planted in a very large plastic container.
Not a great harvest mostly due to lask of Sun.
I have grown carrots in an extra recycling bin.
Salad fixings in old dresser drawers (found curb shopping).
Last year we ending up growing all our eatting toms in containers.
'bout the only veggie I haven't had great luck with is growing mellons & pumpkins in containers.

Can anyone recommend which seeds would work best for a little seed bombing bicycle escapade I may be planning? What works best in crappy soil, traffic medians, vacant lots, etc.?




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