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I have a wild area of my tiny New Orleans backyard that was once a junk pile.  We've cleaned it out and decided to put in some Jerusalem Artichokes.  Anybody have any experiences with "sunchokes?"

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I have plans to put these into my garden also but have been warned that they need to be contained or they will take over.
I have place the sunchokes in an area that I want to get a little wild and wooly.  Planted about a month ago and they are doing great!  I purchased a pack in the grocery store and planted them right in the ground just like potatoes, with each "eye" sprouting in a week or so.  We've had lots of rain and mega heat, but they seem to be loving it!

Sunchokes, once planted, cannot be eliminated. I'm not saying they aren't tasty, or worth growing. I'm just saying that you shouldn't feel too bad if, in three years, after annually digging out "every last piece of tuber" they have still taken over and you are chucking 100 pounds of them into municipal yardwaste to get rid of what you can't possibly use.






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