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Hey all,

Just had my first Pumpkin brew of the season. It was a Southern Tier Pumking. It was fantastic. It tasted like the most delicious Pumpkin bread/pie in all its cinnamony and vanillay glory. All that and 9% alcohol content. I've found someone's attempt at a clone recipe, but its a bit complex and this will only be my third batch of homebrew so I'm a bit intimidated. Does anyone know of an awesome Pumpkin brew that is based on liquid malt extract.



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Don't have a recipe for you Ben, but would you mind sharing the recipe for the clone??

This is the attempt I found of a clone recipe for Southern Tier Pumking: http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f12/southern-tier-pumking-clone-191381/. I was thinking of using the same recipe and replacing all the malts with extract. Do you have any suggestions for what type of extract I should use in replacement of the malt for this recipe.
If you have to replace them all, maybe a Pale and an Amber would suffice. Otherwise, I wouldn't replace them all. I would do the bulk of it with the Pale extract and then steep the specialty grains.
Found this today. Ridiculous and sublime! How to Brew Pumpkin Ale in a Giant Pumpkin

this defines awesomeness.

Cornelia said:
Found this today. Ridiculous and sublime! How to Brew Pumpkin Ale in a Giant Pumpkin





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