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I started two batches of (what I hoped to be) hard cider in November, stuck them in the basement, and then promptly forgot about them. I used the recipe recommended by the brewing store: Unpasteurized cider + champagne yeast, stored in a glass jug with carboy.

The sediment has sunken to the bottom and the carboy is no longer blubbing. Is there any hope of saving the batch or do I just start over?
Thanks for your help, wise brewers!

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Need more info. Was the cider and yeast the only ingredients? Was their any preservatives in the cider (sorbates)? What makes you think it needs help. Generally the yeast will have eaten all the sugar and produced all the alcohol within a month or so. When that happens the sediment will be at the bottom and their will be no more CO2 produced to make it bubble. Did you check it with a hydrometer? Did you taste it?

Thanks Pat,

There was a Campden tablet in there, too, but no sorbates. Haven't checked with a hydrometer (we don't have one and Wikipedia tells me what that measures) and haven't tasted it (I'll let my husband do that!) :)

I guess I'm just not sure how to tell whether it's safe to drink after all of this time (4 months). What should I be looking for / smelling / tasting?

I think you be sure it's safe to drink although it might not be the best tasting drink. The hyprometer is a glass instument that resembles a thermometer. You just float it in the liquid and it tells you how must sugar is available to be transformed into alcohol. Then at the end it tells you if it has all been transformed (subtract the 2 readings and you have the actual amount of alcohol). Sorbates will not allow the yeast to work so that's why I had asked. I think based on what you've told me that you should be fine and have an alcoholic beverage. It will likely be a dry cider due to the time and the fact that you used a champaine yeast. Consequnetly it may not have much apple taste. You can dilute it with more fresh unfermented cider when you drink it if you want a sweeter more fruity tasting cider. However, be careful about storing it after you mix it because the doment yeast will begin to ferment the newly added cider like it did the first stuff.
I think we need to figure out how to combine the "I could Ferment that" group with "The Brewers Pub" group. They are similar and I posted a cider recipe on the "fermen"t group several months ago and now there is a cider recipe post on the brewers pub group. It gets a little confusing.

Thank you so much, Pat! I think that's a good idea. Hopefully that functionality will exist at some point soon for the site - it is confusing.

I'll let you know how it tastes!




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