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I'm Rick Mifflin from Dittmer,southwest of St.Looey and I just wanted to introduce myself. I live at Turtle Creek Farm,our little piece of organic paradise with my wife Pam and our Border Collies Cody and Gypsy and blind Aussie Sam, Missouri foxtrotter horses Voodoo,Macho,Belle and June,goats Hoss,Harvey Lilly,Pogo and Grinder,pony Buttercup,and 21 free range chickens.We grow a large organic garden every year and have the very best free range eggs in the area.All homegrowners are welcome to visit anytime ,just give us a heads up and we will welcome you.Hope to meet some fellow organic revolutionaries.

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Welcome! Looking forward to learning more about what you do, and getting your input on discussions. Do you bring any of your produce or eggs to market?
Hi. Well,we don't charge money for our eggs and produce,we share with family and friends.These are gifts from our girls and from our Mother Earth, we would not be comfortable charging for them.We have 14 raised beds and are planning to add another 12 in the spring. We grow tomatoes,cukes,eggplant,various peppers,beans,onions,garlic,multiple varieties of squash,kitchen herbs,cherries,pears.watermelon,muskmelon,honeydew,blackberries.raspberries,apples and strawberries.All herbicide and pesticide free,we are composting fanatics.All our veggie scraps,eggshells,coffee grounds,old hay,and horse,goat,and chicken manure,blend together into a wonderful healthy and rich garden compost.Our chickens have the run of the pasture,free range,and provide us with the richest, most delicious eggs with deep orange yolk,they are head and shoulders above any store bought eggs I have ever tasted.Since moving here from the city,we have become closer to the earth and more appreciative of her natural ways.We have gained an appreciation of the old ways,growing and preserving our own food as much as possible,and living in harmony with the land and the creatures we share it with.We could never go back to the city(Babylon)and the insane life we used to live.

Shannon Connelly said:
Welcome! Looking forward to learning more about what you do, and getting your input on discussions. Do you bring any of your produce or eggs to market?
Sound like you've got quite an operation going, Rick! Welcome to the group- I'm new to homegrown too and not much of a farmer. I live in the city and rent an apartment with a very small and shady backyard but i DO wholeheartedly support the local farmers and do my part by buying, cooking (my passion), and serving the goods produced by the locals. I look forward to some discussion with ya'll!

Hey there! I'm new here to Homegrown but am a life-long native of STL. Glad to meet you and to be a part of this group!  :)




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