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Today is the 1st pick up for my winter share members. I have been doing a winter CSA for the past 4 years in order to move all the crops we grow almost year round.


This year is by far the biggest winter CSA we have ever had at 15 members. It is bigger than out main season CSA due to the fact we have had fantastic growing conditions since September but the 2011 growing in general was awful, by far the worst I have seen in my 18 years growing for market.


This week my members get pears, collards, kale, winter melon, 2 kinds of winter squash, Napa, Bok choy, onions, leeks, carrots, parsnips, garlic, fresh herbs, green peppers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, root parsley, arugula, daikons, "Healthy Greens" and chives


The CSA runs through the end of January

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I love what you are doing! My fiance and I just bought our first home with an acre of land...not a lot, but a great start from what we had before. We recently built our chicken coop and 3 hens, which will start laying in January. Long story long, our goal is to become fully self-sustainable....step by step of course. My next venture is to have a garden all year round and I was wondering, can I start anything in my garden now, or is it too late of a start to harvest anything for winter? If I am able to start some seeds, what would you say I could grow? I live in Washington, close to Seattle. One more question I have for you....I want to try growing potatoes, do I buy any potato from the store, cut it up and plant....or is it more complex than that? thanks for reading!


Some pictures of putting together a winter Share for 15 members.

collard greens

putting the taters together





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