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Hi folks,

I'm starting this discussion to brainstorm ideas about starting a barter circle.  I'm hoping to get something going here in the Greater Greensboro area, something along the lines of cashless exchange for homegrown and homemade products.  I have to admit, usually I am the 'maker'...when someone has an idea I'm a good implementer, however on this one I am upside down.  Community awareness events, start-ups, websites, networking, none of these things are my forte'.  Hints, tips, tricks, anyone? 

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Wish I could help, I struggle getting folks into groups myself.
I'm in Maryland and nowhere near your area but I love the idea.
Where in Maryland?  I spent the first 45 years of my life on the southwest side of Balto, The Arbutus/Catonsville area.  I have a cousin that still lives in that area (Howard County) and does some gardening...if you are near there, send me your email.  or let me know and I'll see if you can connect. 
Hi Peeps! I am all aboard the Bartering Train! We don't have and homegrown goods to barter with  (yet) so, what I DO have is my photography work... I would barter the original photograph framed, matted, and signed. Just pop onto my page, check out the pictures. If there is one you like, let me know and we will work something out.  I also collect recipes and enjoy trading them.
I love this idea! And can't wait to see others suggestions.. I am a graphic designer and websites, logos, fliers, & marketing are my forte- so if you need any help in those departments- let me know Id be glad to help out!

Do you have a local farmers market? or whole foods or anything like that? I would start there with some fliers and if you have any "free advertising" websites or newspapers, throw it out there to get awareness to your group and see who all might be interested... Guerrilla marketing is one of the best :) Once you start to get interest, maybe host a little get together, a canning party? or even talk to a local coffee shop or market to see if you can all meet there one evening and discuss what everyone has to offer?? Just some thoughts...  :)

This is a very cool kind of barter market in Spain - seems a lot like Swap-o-rama-ramas, but meeting regularly in the city center.

From Grist:


Greensboro, as in North Carolina?
If so, I would love to barter.  My son and I were just recently talking about how we wish the barter system would get started again.  Would love to barter for fresh garden foods.  I love to cook and bake.  I bake a Hershey's Chocolate Syrup Pound Cake that is to die for.  As well as many other foods, cakes, pies, etc.  We are south of  High Point.

I am living in nothern mn.  this summer i attended barter fest.  a 12 hour music festival with chariety fundraisers and bartering all day long.  no charges.


willie mitchell said:

Greensboro, as in North Carolina?

had trouble posting replies lately for some odd reason.  willie mitchell yes i am in greensboro and would love to set up some trading.  will pm.  

So recently I have read "the Sharing Solution" which is a NOLO production.  It's a how-to book on sharing, including all the appropriate legalese.  The more and more that I have explored the subject of the barter, the more I have found that most people are interested in gift economies or sharing circles.  

I observed this recently by working with people at a Really, Really Free market.  I find that there are many people that are very generous, have a lot to offer, and are willing to share (crazy, right?).  In a well-participated gift economy, many problems of the barter are overcome.  The 'one-for-one' problem is solved by making all goods and services available to a consumer.  There is no "well I have 3 jars of jam that I value at 2$ a piece, so I want 6 bags of your greens that you value at 1$ a bag."  Maybe this person doesn't want jam, or can't have sugar!  This fundamental problem in direct trading is what lead to the invention of currency!  The gift economy circumvents this.  Gifting relies on several principles to make it successful:  willingness to share, positive conflict resolution, and recognition of true cost or true value.  

So what I think it comes down to is this:  sharing is an improved version of bartering.  In sharing circles, there is still some 1-to-1 trading, some gifting, some receiving, some asking for certain goods or services, some offering of the same, some combining of resources to achieve common goals.  

This will be my new direction.  Here in my little community we have so many people already working towards many of the different goals of sharing.  Now to bringing them all together!

Good luck getting this established. If only I were closer (NY here). Post when you do meet!




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