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As many of you know, it's Soup Swap season again. People all over the world will be gathering in homes with their six quarts of soup. This is our opportunity to have a virtual Soup Swap with our friends on HOMEGROWN.org! The HOMEGROWN Virtual Soup Swap: Participants will be randomly assigned a swapping "partner". DEADLINE to sign up is Wednesday (whoops! I guess I meant Friday) January 22nd at 1PM ET. You will then exchange addresses privately and send each other ONE FROZEN QUART of soup. Yup, to keep things simple, we will be swapping ONE QUART of soup - not the six that people do "in person". This will keep costs low and will result in a fun, nourishing "taste" from a new friend. SOUP = LOVE A few parameters (please feel free to chime in with your thoughts): 1. Swapping partners will be required to confirm with each other within 5 days of being notified of their match by email. We had some problems with the last swap and want to be sure no one is left out. 2. Get creative with ingredients. We know that it's January and fresh, local and homegrown ingredients are scarce, but rifle through that root cellar! Dig through those preserved veggies and pull from the freezer! 3. Please include the recipe with your shipment - sources of ingredients is a big plus! 4. Please let your swapping mate know of any food allergies or preferences so that there is nothing disagreeable in your batch. 5. Frozen is better because, if shipped USPS Priority Mail, it will keep safely without risk of spoilage. 6. US residents only for this one - sorry to our friends outside the US borders! 7. Farm Aid, HOMEGROWN.org and any and all of its representatives will not be held liable for any illness or damage caused by improperly handled items.

Sign up for the swap by leaving a comment here. We will assign partners on Friday January 22nd at 1 PM.

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What a great idea! Count me in!
I am already brainstorming about the fabulous soups to make...
I'm in!
I have been making several chicken broth based soups the past few weeks, experimenting with different roots and seasonings. I live in Northern California so have access to fresh local ingredients which makes it fun!
I am in! Since I'm in Boston, prepare for a heavy load of root cellar veggies! Most of my soups contain meat FYI, but I can try to be flexible.
OK, sorry everyone, for the lateness of my reply. I'm moving and, when your life is in boxes, time has no reason :)
Aaaaaaand, swapping partners are in the order that folks signed up!
Brannyn and Torry
Patricia and Arthur

Now, send each other an email with your addresses and soup 'em up! Happy swapping!!




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