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Here's a swap that any adventurous HOMEGROWNer can appreciate. Sign up here to be partnered up with another person who wants to swap seeds. It will be up to each person to specify their growing zone, so we don't get anything that's impossible to grow in our region (ie: I don't think okra grows very well in VT...?)
Flower, fruit and vegetable seeds welcome! Any growing information - full sun, grows well in containers, trellising, etc. - is greatly appreciated with your swap, too.

Sign up by Friday Feb. 19th at 1pm ET
Swap partners will be assigned Friday Feb. 19th by 5pm ET
If you don't hear from your assigned partner by Tuesday Feb.23rd at 5pm ET, let me know and I'll re-assign you (and that unresponsive swapper will be eliminated from the next two swaps).


OK, here are the swapping partners. Your partner is on the same line as your name:

Cornelia Rachel Levi
Ellen_C Torry
Jeff Pinkston Cindy LeVasseur
Cynthia R Michelle Maury
Iain G. Reid Peggy Robinson
Mountain Mama Katherine
Michael Melody Gould

So, I would suggest that you talk amongst yourselves about what you've got to share and agree on a matching number of varieties / seeds to share. I'd say 3-5 would be ideal. Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, and - especially - if you haven't corresponded with your partner by the end of the day on Tuesday Feb. 23rd.

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I'm in zone 6 (Boston) and finally have a community garden plot and a little yard to grow in. I've got some fantastic organic and heirloom seeds to swap.
Please sign me up! I'm in zone 4 (Vermont) and love fruits, veggies, herbs & flowers! We have a short growing season here although I do start many seeds inside. I also have rocky soil so things like carrots don't grow well :( Can't wait to swap!
Planning on moving to a warmer climate, so I may not be able to have much other than a patio, but zone 9a, currently in zone 6b. So I have a lot of seeds which I won't be able to plant and would love to share.
Hi folks, zone 5 here. I have lots of squash seeds to share, some tomato and pepper seeds, and various greens. Count me in.
Zone 9 here ( sunset guide zone 18). I have many heat loving vegetables and container varieties to share. I *love* adding to my tomato collection. :)
Hi! I have a fair few seeds to swap about including two chilli varieties, one being the second hottest now-bhut jolokia.
looking forward to a surprise!

I'm from Edinburgh Scotland.
Hi,I am in northeastern Pa,not sure which zone.I have Calendula seeds and mammoth sunflowers from my own garden and looking to swap with anyone who wants to.Thanks-Robyn
I am in Southern California and would love to swap. I have swiss chard, cilantro, hot peppers, mexican sunflowers, zinnias, African Marigolds.
Count me in! I'm Zone 8b Austin TX.

I have 2nd/3rd gen from my plants of lettuce, tobacco, peppers, onion, snap peas + more purchased, but not used seeds.
Signing up here....Zone 7A, I have Job's Tears (a natural bead) and several heirloom tomatoes.
I am in zone 7B. Have veggies seeds and a few flower seeds to trade. I have to take an inventory of the seed box in the basement fridge so I can't list the varieties at this minute.
I am in zone 7 (I think) Seattle.

I have several really cool heirloom tomatoes to trade, and a few other things. Looking forward to it!




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