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Not that I know everything but to the extent you have questions on making jam that I can answer, I'll happily do so.   If I get stumped I will do the research and get back to you.  Of course others can chime in because there is a wealth of information in this community.  I just happen to get up really, really, early in the morning and with the major part of the harvesting and food preservation a bit off (at least in Oregon where, in mid June, we have not yet topped 75 degrees regularly) I got some time to offer up.  So fire away.

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I am not a newbie and I have had great success with water bath canning, but it is pressure canning that has been a big disappointment. I cannot seem to adjust my gas burners to the correct BTU in order to get a constant rate of pressure. If I turn or look away the pressure rises past the required level and the jar lids fail to seal properly. It feels as though I would have to sit there and stare at the pressure gauge and constatly adjust the burner up and down in order to maintain proper pressure. The problem maybe my stove top, but just inquiring if you have any ideas?




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