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I have some room in my raised bed, but not sure what to plant right now. Currently, I have broccoli, many lettuces, and herbs. Sadly, I just pulled some sugar snaps that failed (think it was powdery mildew). Is it too late to start carrots? Any suggestions, much appreciated!

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I find that chard grows pretty quickly and does well in Southern California. It might not be too late to try some smaller types of beets or carrots. The weather around here is so weird, I usually just try a bunch of different things and cross my fingers that at least half will make it.
Its never too late for carrots!. I have flats which I am starting vegetables in and then I transplanting them into beds. I have lots of peas and beans, kale, cabbage (chinese) and lettuces in the beds. I just planted beets and carrots in the flats. I also reserved a flat for a baby greens mix. I think I'll just keep these in the flat and harvest them as needed but someone suggested growing baby greens in pots so they don't take up so much room in your beds.
I've got some onions started but need to keep them away from the beans and peas. I started some brussels sprouts but might grow them in pots as well. I'm going to get some potatoes started but have never grown them before. i have written instructions as of now. This is all pretty new to me (second year). Last year my kale and cabbages did really well.
good luck!
Hey Fiver, how did you do with your potatoes? I'm going to try to grow some in a tower of old tires I got from my mechanic. I've never done it before though.
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