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I'm on my 4th batch of kombucha- the first two didn't work out for various reasons, and the third worked, but it was SUPER sour, and I really find it undrinkable. The scoby was also kind of uneven and flimsy, nothing like these big beautiful thick scobies I see online. It's working fine, I've got another batch brewing, should be done Thurs or Fri, but again, my scoby seems weak.

I didn't start with a scoby, I followed some directions I found for growing your own from the dregs of a commercial kombucha drink, so I figure that's why my scoby is small, but I wondered if I could encourage good growth in future batches?

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The older my scobies get, the thicker they are. It takes a little while. Just keep feeding and yours should thicken up.

If your brew is super sour, you might be letting it go too long. Try bottling it a couple days earlier and see if you like it better. I also mix a bit of fruit juice in when I bottle to sweeten it and add to the fizz.
Sounds like you might not be putting in enough sugar also. I believe the sugar is what feeds the SCOBY, so you want to give it food! But Magpie's right, the layers do take time. If you started it from "scratch" your layers are going to take a little while, but in about a month or two, I'm sure it will be nice and thick. Happy brewing!
Thank you! Good to know it's just going to take some time. :)

And I am definitely bottling this one sooner than the last one!




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