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Hey all, 

I just started trying to grow a SCOBY from a bottle of GT Daves I bought a couple weeks ago. It was in the refrigerator until about 48 hours ago.  I have it in a large, wide mouth Mason jar and mixed the whole bottle (which was at room temp) with 4 cups room temp hojicha tea and about 3 heaping tbsps of white sugar. I have it in my kitchen an on a low temp heating pad. I saw that characteristic "jelly fish" looking mass in the bottom of my store bought bottle and was expecting that to have risen to the top of the jar and begun growing by now. Am I just being too impatient? My little jelly fish looking buddy is still sitting on the bottom of the jar along with a bunch of other clumpy looking things, which I can only assume is some sediment/yeast from the original bottle.  I am going totally from what I have learned here and other places online as to what to expect to see in my jar. Can anyone offer some insight? Even if it is just to assure me I am indeed being impatient, LOL. 


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I don't know if this still needs to be answered but I have never heard of Hojicha tea, I typically use black and green. How did this turn out for you?




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