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I have a basic knowledge of how to make hard cider.  I have the basic tools to make cider.

Can anyone add their tips or tricks?

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I don't have tips for hard cider, but am really interested in finding out more about the process for making "scrumpy", too. I've never been a beer drinker, so cider is my beverage of choice most of the time. (This is funny to my German-speaking relatives, because my great grandpa was chairman of the board at a big brewery!)

I have had batches of apple juice accidentally go fizzy on me, though, so I'm sure it can't be that hard to get the process going all the way, and I'm planning on planting "cider" varieties of apple specifically for brewing apple cider.

This weekend at the Yellow Green Farmer's Market (Hollywood, FL) I picked up this REALLY easy kit.  Includes a glass bottle, sanitizer, champagne yeast, stopper (cork) and airlock.  ??Not sure if I got all that right??

I found plenty of great recipes so far.  Now I just need Cider that is unpasturized and contains no potassium sorbate (sp?) preservatives.







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