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Last week I shared how I get my fermented fruits off the ground.  The real point of this is to be able to share in thirty days.  Not just the starter, but the cakes and the fruit if you have left over.  Below is the Schedule for Sharing with your friends.  Each person who wants is given 1 1/2 cup of the juice strained from the fruit jar and the instructions below:

Link to a printable instructions: Here

Day1 - In a large glass or plastic vessel mix:

        2 Cups Sugar

        Starter Juice

        1 Can (29 oz.) Sliced Peaches


Day 10 - Add:

        2 Cups Sugar

        1 Can (24 oz.) Pineapple Chunks


Day 20 - Add:

        2 Cups Sugar

        1 Can (29 oz.) Fruit Cocktail

        1 Jar (10 oz.) Maraschino Cherries


Day 30 - Baking Day

Drain juice from fruit.  Divide fruit into 3 portions, set aside.  Divide juice into 1 ½ Cup portions and put in ziplock bags (with some air).  Give to Starters to 5 friends with these instructions  ASAP.


Hints, tips & Suggestions

  • Starter must be fed (Day 1 Instructions) within 5 days of your receiving it
  • Stir fruit everyday.
  • Always include the juice from canned fruits
  • Never use fresh fruit because they may contain wild yeasts and molds
  • If your fruit and juice ever gets moldy discard and start over
  • Cakes freeze really well for one year
  • Juice is great over the cake, fresh fruits, or ice cream.
  • You can  just eat the drained fruit but you WILL get hammered and it causes an awful  hangover.
  • Always keep fruit at room temp and covered.  Cover may pop off at times just replace.
  • Always  keep 1 ½ Cups of juice for yourself to start over


Fermented fruit madness

After running through the first 30 day cycle a whole new vista opens up for you.  At any day ten you must feed the mixture or drain and prepare to bake.  So if you don’t have time this week to bake throw in another can of fruit and the sugar and put it off for ten days.  Now you’ll have to bake 4 cakes.  Or just keep feeding in preparation for a bake sale.  Then invite friends and bake your hearts out (chop fruit into smaller pieces and bake: small loaves, muffins, layers etc.  The only limit is how big is your container.  I have already used a green pickle bucket from a local restaurant and added fruit and sugar for two whole months and then baked 6 small loaves, 4 single layers and a host of muffins!!!!!  Be creative and enjoy!!

Anyone get one of these started yet?  Next week two recipes for the cakes, 1 recipe for Ghluewine (german spiced wine).  Anyone else have a good use for this or different recipe.  please weigh in and post!

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Can we forget the cake, and make schnapps or a Rumtopf from this?! 

John I am absolutely sure you could.  Again last tie I made the fruit and had no time to bake the mass would not actually freeze it was so boozy.  Got slightly slushy but thats it. so yes.  I have also just enjoyed a bowl of the fruit but it can get kinda harsh.. Its sweet enough but has a real alcohol burn.  It might, just maybe produce a nice brandy???




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