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I think the Homegrowers on this site might benefit more from the group if it included additional hunting goals! It would still be a bit like a big game hunting trip where several folks agree to travel to a location to hunt something and maybe even preserve it on the spot. Here are some examples.....

  • Blue berries grow wild in Alaska on the hills. A safari of homegrowers could band together to locate, pick and can (or dehydrate) the bounty to take home. Maybe combine this trip to occur durring a salmon run and dry, can and smoke some fish on the same trip. OK Torry, you can shoot a moose on this trip and we'll can him too!
  • I once led a group of folks in the dessert along the Rio Grande River to pick up cactus skeletons that were used in dried flower arrangements. These could be sold to florists to raise money for whatever good cause that was agreed upon.
  • I took a trip to Indiana to get some sasafrass roots (easy to find and harvest in Indiana and surrounding areas) for rootbeer.
  • A trip to the northwest during Apple Season might be a great way to stock up on apple products for the year.
  • I used to be a Gourd-Head and followed the growing season and regions of the country  to get long handled dipper gourds, bushel gourds....

There are always areas of the country/world that have bounty during a particular time of year and that are hard to get locally. Anyway, you folks get the idea about hunting groups to include other than meat hunters too.Since we're located all over the country maybe we could each offer some suggestions that we are familiar and privy to from our own regions. That way the others would have an insider to point to the most bountiful places and at the most oportune times making it easy to plan a trip alone or with a group.

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Consider a merge of the discussion Free (mostly) Food, found in the food preservation group? Or I could edit the group to be called "Hunting and Gathering" kinda a primitive ring to that!
Hunting and Gathering - I like it!
This will be a fun group! I also vote that the group name be more inclusive, either "Hunting & Gathering" or "Hunting & Foraging" ? Hey, what about "Hunting, Gathering, Foraging" ?

I am a forager, 4th generation forager!! I gather 'drop crops' (think nuts, apples, persimmons, pears) from our woods. And I eat "weeds" -- I even transplant them and save seeds to purposely grow some that I can't seem to get enough of.
I had thought about suggesting the name change to "Hunter Gatherer" right after my first reply, I like it. Like Lynn, I guess I am more of a forager but want to include the oportuntiy for traveling to harvest crops that ripen at certain times of the year. Foraging and Gathering are a pretty much the same so why not keep the name short & simple. Ideas like gathering Mushrooms in the Spring in the upper midwest? Add to that idea an insider in Indiana (MY sister) that can scout the areas of opportunity for us to let us know when and where and we would have the ideal hunting trip.
About the furthest I have traveled to forage is 3 hours away for me at Dolly Sods Wilderness in West Va. for cranberries and blueberries. Most of my foraging is on my own property, same with hunting. We'd love to hunt elk but in Va, that would require a trip! lol

This fall I'm hoping to drop at least 2 deer here. The population is too large and they like our gardens too much. Even fenced, one large doe (she has twins now) insists it's her bounty. Hope she enjoys the free eats now. She's going to freezer camp!

Lynn... those elk may be closer than you think. They have been reintroduced in Allegheny County in the Callahan, Oglies Creek area. My wife has family there. Uncle Ray has heard them on his property there. Hasn't seen one yet, but they are there. No season on them, just thought I'd mention the reintroduction program.

  I hope to harvest all the white tail that my tags will allow this year. I lost EVERYTHING from my freezer due to the storm/power outage this summer. Been doing LOTS of foraging this summer to try and refill it.




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