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An article in today's NYT discusses foraging on foreclosed properties.  Yes, there is the trespass issue, but is it not a greater crime to let food go to waste?  I am glad to hear that local authorities are not chasing the woman in the article down.  Our American sensibilities make us highly attached to private property, so much so that we are forgetting how to share? 



postscript: I recently read a how to book on sharing and bartering, The Sharing Solution.  In it is a template for a written agreement to harvest from neighborhood  fruit trees, I will get a scanned copy posted soon.




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Interesting article. My rhubarb plants came from a yard/home that had been foreclosed on. The weeds were knee high and I knew the rhubarb was getting snuffed out. My husband did say something to me, he didn't want to receive a phone call from the local police to come and get his wife for taking rhubarb! LOL! No guts - No glory!

Ah a subject near & not very dear to my heart as there is a foreclosed home right across the street from me. Add insult to injury the lot has no shade issues receives well over 8 hours of sunlight each day. If you follow my blog then you know oh how I suffer from shade.

Spoke with the guy that the bank sends out about replacing plywood that had been removed by vandals. While he let me know about the general status he did mention twice that any time I was on the property it was trespassing. And no I could even keep plants in containers in the back yard. Did I mention the direct sunlight that lot gets each day ? Yeah I know let it go. 

Yes I feel it is a moral crime to let food go to waste when it can be donated to food pantries or even my own table.


That said I have been guilty of gleaning both produce & plants from abandoned city lots. I also will pick up trash while I'm being a criminal.

Here's a hint - if your asked what your doing while on a foreclosed property say "Looking for my cat have you seen her"? Lol use a dark green trowel to dig hides better when you drop it in the weeds. Thanks for the link.

I just drove in like I owned the place, shovels and plant containers! Started digging and went back 4 times! Don't think I could have hid all that under a towel! LOL!


I agree, in principle, with your opinion based on the story presented, however, banks discourage public access to forclosed property for finite reasons. Suppose I walked by that property and decided I needed some good apple wood to smoke some fish with .... or a nice screen door, just hanging there open or ... well you can see my point I hope.

  Again, I hate to see waste just as is your main point. But from a standpoint of ransacking, pillaging, vandalism and litegation, banks must protect their holdings. So, trespassing is a no no in general. It restricts all equally.

  Wonder if she considered asking for permission to harvest the fruit?




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