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I had big plans to make Violet Jelly today until I reread my Wild edible Food Card which says that only common violets are edible.

I can't seem to find any pics that show a Wild Violet is or how to tell the difference between Common & Wild. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction ?



~~ pelenaka ~~ 

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I think wild and common are ok for jelly...I think they mean AFRICAN Violets aren't.

I've had a few people write me & say that they have made Violet jelly without issue. That they were unaware as to which violet they were using wild, or culivated.

can't imagine anyone having enough African Violet flowers to even attempt making jelly, lol.



Euell Gibbons book "Stalking the Healthful Herbs" chapter 11 is titled "Nature's Vitamin Pill: The Common Blue Violet"

He begins the chapter by calling it a common wildflower and goes on to tell about the vitamin  C content of the wild blossoms and the vitamin A and C content of the leaves. There is also a drawing of it included.

He includes recipes for Violet Jam, Violet Syrup, Violet Confection, Violet Jelly, Violet Aspic Salad And Violet Greens.


Thanks for the heads up. I'll get on my local library's website & reserve his book.

Recipes are a big help.





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