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I use Aloe Jel, Oil (almond, grapeseed, avodado, or apricot), tea tree oil, any smell that you like: ie, lavendar, and a small amount of store bought fragrance free" Alba or what ever organic lotion" just to give it a lotion feel. I like it a thin, consistency and it goes right into your skin. It neither oily or watery. 

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Outstanding tip. I will try this for the next batch and post results.
Lola, what are the proportions of your recipe?
Hi- I start with a 1/2 aloe jell (edible), 1/2 mixture of any oils you prefer. I usually begin with a base of grapeseed then add almond and depending on the season will use smaller amounts of either apricot, avocado, or coconut oil. I alway use tea tree for its medicinal effect and a few drops of lavendar with either frankensence or sage. (My preferences but the list is long. I like a spicey but clean smell. To this base I slowly add a very basic non fragrence lotion such as Alba. You can of course make your own and then use that. I rather purchase a base that is either organic or the Alba. Look for sales. The end result is thin but not watery. It is absorbed right into the skin and there is immediately no lotion residue. It is oily but light enough to not stain clothes. The Aloe just seems to drive it into the skin better.




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