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After summer of delicious veggies from my CSA, I confess that at the end of every week there are a handful of kind of soft, neglected veggies. I try hard to come up with creative ways to use them but I might have used up the last of my old veggie nine lives last week. I pureed five little pattipans, a handful of Asian eggplants, and some basil and tossed the whole mess into pancake batter (1 c flour, 1 c milk, 4 Tbs melted butter). It was super tasty - definitely something to add to some kind of semi-permanent recipe rotation. But what to do next week? Anyone have any genius ideas about what to do with the veggies at the back of the drawer for this week?

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shredthem in your food processor ad a couple of eggs from the coop and some herbs from the garden pan fry.......or throw them into the dehydrator then in a canning jar for a stew mix
Almost any veggie can be diced and sauteed and added to some brown rice, quinoa, or wheat berries. Top with a little feta and maybe some fresh herbs and you're golden!




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