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... And is the snow gone yet?


I'm in Quebec, outside of Montreal (zone 5b) and in the last week my lot has gone from about 4' of snow to less than 1'! This weekend I'm starting all my seeds (they'll be planted outside around the end of May). 


I have a neighbour who shares my passion. We're in a new development and have solid clay lots. Last year I set up 4 raised beds with a border of edible flowers. That border will be expanded this year (between me and my neighbour) and she's putting in 4 raised beds on her side.


I'm so excited! Happy first day of Spring, friends!

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I'm in Toronto, all the snow is gone.  I don't know which zone it is.  I live in an apartment, so all indoor potted plants for me.  But I will be doing an internship at a homestead in King City a 40min drive north of the TO.




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