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Hi, I'm growing beans, tomatoes , peppers and basil in the little postage stamp in my side yard, and a bunch of mint, peppers, tomatoes, chives and some flowering bushes in containers on the back porch wall. What are ya'll growing?

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This is my cucumber plant and believe it or not, it is growing quite well inside our Truck... yep. You read that right. My Hubby and I drive Truck and I can't be home long enough (yet) to grow a garden. So, I have a cucumber plant growing in the Truck. We just bought 10 acres in Oakwood, Texas, so, we will be doing a garden soon.

That's awesome! We are planning on relocating and getting some acreage in East Texas in 5 or so yrs, so I will be able to have a bigger garden. I'm looking at doing small scale farming.


I'm growing herbs like:  basil, mint, cilantro, lavendar, rosemary, salvia, oregano, marjoram, thyme, coriander, dill, chives, lemongrass, catnip.

Veggies: Beets, Onions, Blue curled kale, italian kale, carrots, parsnips, peppers, zucchini, cucumber, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, melons, cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, broccoli, celery, spinach, black beans

Fruits:  Tomatoes, blueberries, grapefruit, lemons, pomegranates, figs, grapes

Flowers: bluebonnets, rose bushes, wildflower mix, four varieties of sunflower, new bermuda grass, and blue morning glories.

This is my first season growing in my home (backyard), and first season growing organic.  You can see visuals updated at least weekly on my page, if you're so inclined.

Happy gardening, Texas!




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