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Howdy, fellow readers,

Would folks be up for having our first discussion next week? If so:

A) How much should we read by then?

B) When should we chat? If we can find a day that works for everybody, I'm thinking we might want to designate a standing day every week as book-club day, when we post comments/thoughts/questions on the week's reading. It wouldn't have to be a specific time slot; it could just be that we all plan to post our thoughts on Tuesday (for example).

C) It might be worth starting a new "discussion" (like this one) for each week's reading, and maybe we can rotate who takes the helm in posting the first comment each week, just to get things rolling. Does that sound good? Anybody want to volunteer for week 1?

Want to post your thoughts below, with responses to A, B & C? Thanks! Here we go! (And, by all means, this doesn't preclude more folks from joining the club! Just thought I'd get the ball rolling. The more, the merrier!)

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A) I am open to ideas on how much to read. I am finding his writing style easy to move through. (very enjoyable)
B) Saturdays would be the only time difficult for me to post. I am a photographer and Saturdays are usually packed with events or studio bookings.
C) Taking turns is a wonderful idea.
I hope I answered all your questions.
Loving the book so far. The writing makes you feel like your there in the pit of fire. But has not increased my desire to eat pork yet. If nothing else it has moved me closer to embracing my veggies.

A) My book should arrive tomorrow and I can commit then. I'm a fast reader but don't have a ton of time right now... 

B) I like Tuesday for book club day! I can be open to pretty much any schedule but would prefer to avoid the weekends.

C) Taking turns and new 'discussions' sounds like an excellent idea. I'm going to hold off on volunteering until I have the book though.

Thanks for starting this!

A) I am good with about 75 - 100 pages a week.

B) Mid week is better for me usually weekends are bad with all our farm chores. 

C) Taking turns is good. 

Since I have been raising all my own meat we have found the biggest change in our pork (taste, color and fat). I am sorry, Julie,  I have always viewed bacon to be a food group of its own. 

No worries David, I have many friends who feel the same.
I have been known to occasionally partake in Turkey bacon which my hubby swears does not count.
I am loving the book but just started reading Finely dice the onions and I am sadden because I love onions.
I even like to chop them. ( I don't cry when choosing onions, which is strange because my eyes never seem need encouragement in that area. I seem to shed a tear with ease.)
I like their color's yellow, white and my most favorite deep purple.
If cooked right they can be as sweet as candy and no egg salad is complete without one.
In fact that was my lunch today. Egg salad with lots of onions.
But I hope he will find the beauty in this odd veggie. I will continue to read on.

This is such a great idea! I love reading books on food, food politics, and cooking. Great to have this community!

A. One thought is to "meet up" less often and after the book is finished? Like monthly. Tues, Wed, Thurs are the best days for me.

B. Tuesday evenings (after 7pm PST) are usually open for me, but perhaps that is too late...

C. Rotating moderators is good, too.

Hello, Cookers,

Wow! We've got a good-sized crew here. That's fantastic! After perusing the comments above, I respectfully submit the following for your consideration:

A) How about, for next week, we read the intro and parts 1 through 3 of chapter 1? In other words, up to page 65 in the hardback edition? We might end up wanting to bite off bigger chunks in future weeks, but I'd rather not scare anybody off too soon.

B) I love the idea of meeting less frequently than weekly, but—and I might be underestimating us here—I kinda think we may need to keep the momentum going so as not to lose folks. Since it seemed like there were no objections to Tuesday, can we say Tuesday will be discussion day? So, that would make our first discussion this coming Tuesday, July 2. Cool?


C) I can tackle kickstarting the discussion for week 1. Next Tuesday morning, I'll post a couple of thoughts or questions about the week's reading, and maybe folks can respond (or feel free to ignore my comments and start fresh with your own!) any time during the day or evening on Tuesday, as convenient. My thinking is that a designated day will help us—er, me—remember to weigh in, but I'm game for trying other approaches in future weeks.


Until Tuesday, if all of the above sounds good—and happy reading!


Hi Everyone,

 Sounds like it's settled, I'll see you on Tuesday!  (I've read the first two parts - fire and water - so I'm fine with whatever length we choose to do, and yes, 65 pages seems like a good starting amount).  I'm fine with weekly, or biweekly metings, I don't think we should do it less often than that because we might lose momentum as Jennifer said.  

Also I'm willing to lead one of the future discussions.  I'll be out of town and away from internet the week of July 14-20 and possibly for the second week of August, but otherwise I'll be here for every discussion, I'm excited about it!  I've been writing down tons of great quotes since starting the book and feel like there's plenty to talk about.  

Until Tuesday,





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