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Homegrown Evolution inspired this group with their post:
"Cultivating Sustainable Communities (CSC) is launching its newest project. GardenSwap is an opportunity to pair up urban gardeners with their neighbors who have yard space in order to grow and share in the profits of urban food gardens.

Willi has a friend:
Here’s the kind of gardener that Marguerite is looking for in her own words:

I’d like to get a person (or persons) who really want to put a bit of heart in it and produce some food. I’m still harvesting several times a week and have not purchased veggies much at all in the past 2.5 months. One of my gardeners has been harvesting and freezing stuff like crazy!

If anyone hears of more, post 'em here!

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HyperLocavore is another yard sharing site. I just joined it for my two acres in SE Ohio.




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