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I have a lot of jalepenos and I was wondering what is the best way to preserve them? Also, the county extension agent gave me some bishop's crown peppers plants. Has anyone grown them? Do the peppers stay green or do they turn red eventually?

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I read online that bishop's crown peppers turn red, and are moderately hot. For the jalapenos, this year I canned a case using the guide "Stocking Up" by Carol Hupping Stoner.
4 quarts peppers / 1.5 cup salt / 4 quarts + 2 cups water/ garlic cloves/10 cups vinegar
Cut slits in each peppers. Dissolve salt in 4 quarts water. pour over peppers and let stand 12 to 18 hrs. ina cool place. Drain, rinse, and drain thoroughly. Combine 2 cups water and all remaining ingredients, simmer 15 min. Pack peppers into hot sterilized jars, with 1/4 in. headspace. Pour hot pickling liquid over peppers. Add caps, process in hot water bath 10 minutes for pints or half pints.
Thank you! I will try that. The bishop's cap didn't turn red. I guess I will have to start them earlier next year. I might canning some of them with the jalapenos next year too.
I was just digging through the cupboard and I thought of this discussion. Ever thought about jalapeno jelly? I did 2 cases this year. It's so yummers, sweet, mild hot, full of flavor.
Torry, I agree.  Hot pepper jam is something I had never tried til last year.  What a treat.  I also do a hot pepper relish that is killer over a block of cream cheese...  I think that recipe was from an ebook that I will share if you ask.
Another way to pickle them is by slicing them first.  They make great additions to nachos.




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