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Has anyone ever dehydrated peaches? I plan on doing this within the next couple days. Any pointers?

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Yes, I have. And you do them the way you do other stone fruit or fruit in general.  Do you have a book on dehydrating foods?  Each fruit suggests a little different time and slightly different temperature but in general it is the same process.  Just slice peaches in somewhat even wedges (skins removed or not - I do) and let them do their thing.  I do not soak my slices in citric acid or lemon juice though some do to keep the color more intact.  But the truth is, I don't dehydrate peaches all that much cause I don't have enough to turn to that technique.  I generally reserve my peach stash to canning, jamming and freezing.  I also don't like the way they smell when they are dried.  Odd isn't it?  Nectarines and peaches smell funky to me when they are dried though they taste good.

Hope that helps. 

I love using my dried peaches in homemade oatmeal. Yummmm!

Nope, I haven't just green bell peppers, onions, herbs, and grapes.


Will be picking my two peach trees today there ready. Trees are only 5 years old and I keep them pruned to semi drawf size. This year peaches are the size of tangerines with a few that are the size of small oranges.

By the time I peel & pit I can see anything really left to can. Huge disappointment since home canned peaches are our favorite home canned item.

I am thinking about dehydrating the peaches with the skin on. 


~~ pelenaka ~~ 

Were I doing that i may try to make a fruit leather from Peaches. I usually can peaches I have  A  super recipe for that,  as a bee keeper i use honey. IN that lies the secret.... Know your bee keeper, (Honey Supplier), Don't buy the stuff from a grocery chain,Please read Counterfeit  Chinese honey,  (GRIST),
I have dehydrated pounds of peaches and think it is probably the best way to enjoy them in the winter time.  My regular method is to skin and slice into a large bowl of water with crushed vitamin c tablets.  I layer them on the trays of my dehydrator and after the first hour of drying I flip each slice.  I do this because it reduces their  tendency to cement themselves to the dryer trays.  When they are dry to my satisfaction I place them in a zip lock baggie for 24 hours to equalize the moisture between dryer and wetter slices.  Them I place them in my freezer where I keep them until I use them.  Unsulphered fruit will turn dark at room temperature.  During the winter I mix bowls of fruit I have dried (apples, pears, strawberries, figs and peaches) for snacking.  I also use dried fruit in quick breads, muffins and a few meat sauces ... and, of course in granola.  The great virtue of dried peaches is no added sugar.




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