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Hi All-

Anyone have any problems canning on a glass top stove? A friend of mine told me it was not a good idea, but then I read other articles that say it is as long as your pot is bigger then the burner element, etc.


I found the above article very helpful, and was wondering if anyone had any personal experiences of tips or tricks using an electric glass top stove for canning?

thanks in advance!

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Hi Misty,

I just started canning, but I have a glass top stove and it hasn't been a problem so far. I've only used a water-bath canner so far, but it's worked just fine. I bought it from amazon...here is the link:

Hope this helps!
If you read the manual, you will find that you really aren't supposed to can on them. I have a glass top stove. I have been successful using a small water bath canner, which means I can only use pints not quarts. I also use an 18 quart pressure canner (which holds quarts) and haven't had any problems. My first canner was quite large and the burner wasn't able to get it hot enough to maintain a boil. I was afraid that the glass top would crack from the heat build up.
I was also worried before I found some information, but I have been doing most of my canning on a Frigidaire glass top stove (Over 200 jars this summer). It's important not to exceed the burner size by more than an inch and the canner have a flat bottom. I'm using a 17 quart pressure canner as a water bath with no problems (using a generic silicon lid to cover the canner). Just be careful moving the pot. Don't slide it across. I fill my canner with a couple of inches of water then use a pitcher to fill it the rest. (I'm more concerned about dropping a heavy pot and cracking the surface.) My burner usually only has to be on med-low to maintain a rolling boil.
I did contact Ball (Jarden) about the same canner you bought. They said it was fine for all types of stoves including glass top and induction. I plan to get the Ball canner next year to use with my portable induction burner. (Only used the burner a couple of times - My largest stainless steel stockpot can only hold 6 pints.)
Hi, I have a glass top stove and I use it for canning in a pressure canner and a water bath canner. I've never had problems with a pressure canner once the pressure builds up. The weights jingle for the entire canning period, which I'm assuming means there are no fluctuations in heat. I originally had a problem getting my first water bath canner to hold a temperature of 212. My first water bath canner had a concave bottom that did not touch the stove the entire time. I didn't have any problems when I switched to a water bath canner with a flat bottom. I have also heard that glass top stoves do not hold temperature well/consistently and was very worried about mine when I first started canning. Other than the first water bath canner, I haven't had any issues other than it does seem to take a while for the water to start boiling or the pressure to build up in the pressure canner.




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