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Does anyone have a good source for the short wide mouth canning jars. I ran across a pkg of 4 at Target but they were on clearance and the store wasn't planning on ordering any more. I love these as they are the perfect size for so many things and stack well in my pantry.

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I haven't seen this style before. I do use a lot of wide mouth pint jars, but they are more cylindrical and I get them at Ace Hardware or Raley's Supermarket usually.

Thanks Rachel - I live near an ace hardware so I will check them out and see if they carry these.

Amazon might have them.  I've seen similar jars at my target but they aren't carrying them anymore.

You can buy them through uline: http://www.uline.com/BL_8192/Canning-Jars?pricode=WU062&gclid=C...

but the shipping would cost a lot. I usually just find mine serendipitously at rummage and estate sales.


I have seen them in a store here in the Pacific NW, but I know you don't have Fred Meyer stores in your area.  Just a note regarding stacking in the pantry.  It is my understanding that you should not stack canned goods.  You can have issues with a poor seal re-sealing due to the weight.  Anyway stacking jars is not recommended.  

I have found them at Wal-Mart and at Tractor Supply. Depending on where you live, Meijer (Michigan 5 state regional store) usually carried them (although I haven't been up there for a couple years). Check your local grocery stores, they often have a VERY small section with jars and salt, etc. (Thinking Kroger, Albertson's, etc.)  You could also ask the Target manager to special order them for you, but you might have to buy several boxes at a time. Good Luck!




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