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Sorry I didn't get back sooner! It's been a long week :)

I made vegetarian and non-vegetarian chili, homemade bread, cranberry apple bread, banana bread with chocolate chips, and a lettuce salad with cucumbers. I also took them chips, sour cream and shredded cheese. I also bought them 12 cans of silly string and 12 tubs of Floam to play with. I arrived at First Ave. with my friend before the show at right around 6pm, knocked on the backstage door and was let right in when I asked for Kat. Kat took us to the dressing room, where everyone was chilling out, and we set up the food. Amanda took us to the merch table and let us pick out a free t-shirt, and then we left. I forgot my camera and was very sad! From what I was told by the merch girl, the food was wonderful and they ate everything. We got to drop the food off backstage at First Ave. before the show and got a free t-shirt out of the deal. Amanda was very nice and so was the rest of the crew.

The concert was fantastic, of course! Amanda played Purple Rain in Prince's house :) She also mentioned the people who brought them the wonderful food and toys, and had Steven run backstage and grab the big pink penis they had made out of the Floam. It was a riot!

So, yeah, a very positive experience for me. I heard that Justin's experience wasn't as good, but I haven't seen a post. It's too bad it didn't go as well elsewhere. I would definitely do this again if given the opportunity!


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Haha floam. We must've just missed you--I guess they ate your food before the show and kept the food my friend Shane and I made for afterwards. Kat took us on the bus and put the food in the fridge, and we went backstage for a minute (where everyone was already chowing down on the food you made) and we talked for a sec (but it's tight back there). Then we just hung out 'til the show started.

No problems here really.
Oh, also, we didn't get to eat with them or anything but that was because they had to split right after the show (a 13 hour drive for the next day). But they were very appreciative.




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