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Remember making American Chopped Suey and home made bread in Home Ec? I've heard that these classes and any curriculum covering this content has gone the way of the dinosaurs. What has your experience been? Do your kids cook in school?

Please link to any resources that you know about, too!

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Here in Quebec they don't exist anymore. Neither do they in France where my whole nuclear family lives and where I had my education (with home economics taught at the time, learned to make sauce béchamel, crèpes, cheese soufflé, change a baby diaper, and so on). In Morocco where most of my family still lives, homemaking skills are taught at home and took very, very seriously since it could make the difference between a comfortable life and a nightmare (developping country).

I'm not sure I would like Home Ec to come back in school curriculums. Can you imagine how the kids could have to work on how to use a Swiffer mop? Or the different uses of paper towels? I mean, the cafeteria does tell them an iceberg lettuce leaf in their processed meat sandwich is "nutritionnal" no? I don't trust much school curriculums anymore, I would prefer my kids get their homemaking skills from us (parents) or from the community.

In this time of oil depletion and difficult economic circumstances, I think Home Ec, or more adequately homemaking skills, should be took very seriously and taught at home. Even if it means looking at online videos of how-tos with our kids and try to learn ourselves, at the same time they learn, any particular skill we think important to have.




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