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My partner and I are working on leading a more natural life. We are slowly working our way up to one day farming full time an trying to become more self sufficient and less dependent on the corporate world and consumer goods. Our six year old daughter however is having a hard time with the transition. Before Boss came along, she and I lived a pretty processed existence. I didn't know there was another way. In the last year we have made a lot of changes, started making our own bread, products, condiments, gardening, sewing, canning, fermenting...its been fantastic. However, we can't seem to get her excited about it. We went and visited a local farm this weekend and she got to feed the alpacas and see the frame for our first veggie garden. She eventually seemed to get on board but when it comes to going out and doing the things, she just looks at it as chores. She doesn't like to cook with me and groans when we say something is home made. What is an earth mama to do?  Did anyone else have trouble transitioning with their kids if you weren't an earth mama/papa from the start? Should I just plug along and she'll come to it in her own time?

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When we moved from a large city to the small town I grew up in my oldest, then 9, had severe pavement withdrawals. Now, 24 and married, he's a homesteader in his own right. Give her time. She's only six. Just keep living your dream and offering to make her a part of it.




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