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Private Cheesemaking Lessons and help support a new farm/cheesemaker

Hello everyone! I am offering private cheesemaking lessons through my kickstarter fundraising project... go to kickstarter.com and look for Broken Shovels Farm in the food section. Lessons will happen in Denver, CO. Take a look, I specialize in french bloomy rind cheeses and greek style strained yogurt, and do some hard cheeses, as well. I will be giving the lessons in a home kitchen setting, rather than commercial kitchen. Thanks!



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Congratulations on this exciting project. I hope you get many taking those classes and raising money for the cause.

Mary Karlin

Cooking Teacher & Author


Thanks so much, Mary! I realize it is a very pricey version, since it is a fundraiser, but I hope to offer very affordable milking and cheesemaking classes from my facility in the near future. My goal is to promote the "family milk goat", especially since the Denver area has legalized goat keeping in the city. We are also working on a "mobile milking parlor" to take out to the public, to help create awareness and comfort with livestock animals as productive pets,  and making home food production more accessible.


Your book is amazing, by the way...I'm honored by your encouragement!




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