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I just found Homegrown today and am super excited to have a place to discuss all my interests.

I've been making cheese all summer, mostly a lovely chevre made from fresh, raw goat's milk which I buy from a fellow not far from my house. I have become quite obsessed with home cheesemaking and nearly always have something culturing somewhere in my kitchen.

Most of my recipes have come from The Home Creamery and Home Cheese Making, both invaluable sources of information.

I have had the best luck with chevre and my mozzarella and feta have been less consistent (though delicious when all goes well). I'm also making yogurt regularly and have made both neufchatel and sour cream which were exceptionally tasty.

What has worked for you?

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I just joined the group.
I have been making cheese for two years now and have been chronicling my adventures on my blog.
The posts that talk about cheeses I made and dishes I prepared using them are collected here:


I make both soft and hard cheese and I am trying to slowly learn new skills.
My dream is to take a cheese-making class from a professional.




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