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I am new to homegrown.org, I found it through our Kickstarter project (building a cheese cave to expand our production and open up space to teach classes at our micro-creamery).

This group doesn't seem to have a lot of activity, only one post so far in 2012. Are people using it frequently? Is there another, better forum for cheesemakers? I love cheesemaking and I love to teach (and still have plenty to learn). I find on my goat forums I'm often offering up expertise to help those failed batches turn out. I thought this might be the same kind of forum.

If you're interested in learning more about me and my farming experience, my blog is probably the best place to start http://littlebrownfarm.wordpress.com, we do have a website too, but it isn't as well maintained.

Happy cheesemaking!!

Vicky Brown

Chief Milkmaid

Little Brown Farm


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The group has indeed not been very active recently. I believe the most active forum for cheese makers is http://cheeseforum.org/articles/forum/ I am however, not a member of it, so I don't know how it works in practice. Good luck with your expansion project.

I'm not making cheese at the moment, so I'm not here often, but I also know that Cornelia is always looking for people to write articles for the 101 section of the site. You sound like you might be a good candidate for something like that!!

Oooh! Thank you Rachel - I enjoy writing and love teaching... I'll contact her about the 101's. :)



Can't wait to read your work, Vicky!!




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