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           We just received a young nanny that was pregnant, had her two weeks and she had the kid a billy. My question is I have tried the hay but they don't eat it would rather lay on it so what kind of hay does everyone use? The hay I bought was from a big feed store and it was coastal hay, I also bought a fifty pound bag of Purina goat feed and a bag of loose minerals. I have a fifty pound bag of cracked corn that I keep for the chickens and give the goats a small handful mixed in the goat feed everyday. They are let out into our huge fenced in yard that is full of leaves that we have piled up to burn, they eat the leaves and wander eating anything green that is still up. I have tried carrots, leaves from the broccoli plants I was growing they won't eat any of these things so the rabbits get these green leaves and carrots. They are not thin, I bought a goat that had been fixed as a companion for the pregnant nanny here are some pictures of the goats.

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         Thanks everyone for all the advice and information, I found the hay it is alfalfa/orchard hay found a 65 pound bale and they are eating it. So I left them browse most of the day and feed them one cup of grain each in the early morning and at late afternoon. Romeo is getting big and jumping up every where, he is eating a little hay and still nursing. Here he is waiting for Mom to finish her morning grain before they head out to browse, this is one of the shelters they use to stay dry.




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