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Im new to the goat world.  I had a few as pet at a young age but still dont know much.  My boyfriend bought me a few goats at an auction a few weeks ago one larger doe and two kids one nanny and one billy.  The billy is slightly larger but both were just recently weaned I believe.  Tonight at auction he bought 5 more.  2 wethers and 3 nannys all kids.  Can I leave all the goats together  or do I need to separate them.  I know billy can breed younger than nanny but will he before they are ready?  Is it detrimental to my nanny kids.  advice needed

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Yes separate asap!! Kids can start breeding at 8-12 weeks old and can be detrimental to your does' health to breed too young. Rule of thumb for full sized goat breeds is 8 months old and 80 pounds.

Also, you'll want to have a vet draw blood and check for cae /johnes/cl before you breed. Auction goats are notorious for carrying these chronic contagious conditions and you'll want to know before you breed because moms pass to kids.
There are some really wonderful groups devoted to learning to care for goats on Facebook. Also www.fiascofarms.com...i think that's the link, otherwise Google fiasco farm. Great beginning goat info. Good luck! Goats are the best animals on earth ;)

People say that kids can breed as young as 8-12 weeks, but in my experience (and that of a LOT of others here) bucklings haven't been fertile until much later. I don't separate my bucklings until after 12 weeks. They go through the motions, but have only ever "shot blanks" at that age, and I never had a successful breeding (meaning the doe got pregnant) until my bucks were both closer to 6 months.

You have a little time! Don't panic.

For Nigerians, 80 pounds is a large, fully grown goat. Deb recommends waiting until your doelings are at least 40 lbs before breeding them, which usually means they are 8 months or older.

You don't have to leave here to get good information about goats! There are a lot of very knowledgeable goat owners right here in our forum. We are also very active, and there is usually someone to share their experience with you in a very timely manner.

Do you know the breeds of your goats?

Not to be disagreeable, but I've used four and five month old bucklings plenty of times to breed does of proper breeding age...they sure can do it! Please don't wait til longer than 12 weeks of age to separate or you will be quite guaranteed young does get bred.

Was not saying this isn't a proper forum, but when i was learning about goats, i tried to learn from as many places as possible, not just one!

My point was that it ISN'T guaranteed that she will end up with prematurely pregnant doelings. Yes, she should separate around 12 weeks, but she's not guarenteed to get babies ASAP if they aren't.  The fact is, when you have YOUNG does, coupled with young bucks, it's very unlikely that it will happen at 8-12 weeks.

I do not know what breeds they are.  I know there is more than one breed.  I appreciate all the help and advice everyone shares.  The larger black one with a red collar is my Billy.


These are pics of my new kids.  They are so fun to play with and watch.





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