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We ordered a surprise package from Cackle Hatchery! They are shipping it Wednesday!

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wow. Did raise ducks and chickens at the same time before, the ducks will get into every drop of water around to start preening, even before the have any feathers. broad shallow pans with 1 inch of water in them will keep them going for play until they are larger, then you will need some type of pond. it will be full of feces rapidly, and stink pretty bad if you don't work out a way of flushing it out. Ducks are fun to raise and their eggs are great. I hope some more poultry raisers will post here, because I have been thinking about starting a couple at our place. Keep us posted on what you get and how it works for you!

Today is Thursday and we still dont have our surprise package yet.  I called the post office but they said it will most likely be tomorrow. Im excited and cant wait.  I have read so much about chickens and guineas lately.  But just started my research on water fowl.   

We received our surprise package but not sure what all we got yet.  We received 42 chicks and 2 ducks.  When I say chicks that means land fowl.  Not sure how many of them are turkey, quail, guinea, or chickens.  There are three different sizes in them.  only one was dead on arrival and we had one die over night.  They all seem to be doing good eating and drinking.  I do know we have at least 2 buttercups and 2 naked necks turkens.  Im tryin to post pictures but having problems getting from phone to computer.  

Cindy, how is the multi bird raising going? I haven't seen any new posts, so I figured you either have it handled or are being way to busy with birds to post anything! Hope it the first!

Chickens and work seem to be taking much of my time started a 3rd shift job.  Then care for my grandpa three days a week which is great cuz he is interested as much as I am in chickens and guineas.  We just bought a cabinet incubator and hatcher.  Planning to use it next spring.  I have acquired 20 chickens now many different breeds at my house and have other breeds at grandpas.  We sold many keets this year from hatching grandpas guinea eggs.  Want to hatch and sell some chicks in the spring.  looking into what breeds I would like to breed and sell next year.  We sold off some of the hatchery surprise and was shocked how well that went.  I have the chicken fever which seems to drive my family nuts.  I am getting discouraged however because the chickens I bought the first week of March are still not laying.  This year has been an exciting adventure in the chicken and guinea world.  

Rick Nichols said:

Cindy, how is the multi bird raising going? I haven't seen any new posts, so I figured you either have it handled or are being way to busy with birds to post anything! Hope it the first!

wow i just read thru this again and realized i haven't kept anyone posted.  sorry.  Thru our hatchery surprise we have received a great variety of birds.  We received 2 blue turkeys 2 mallard ducks and for the list of chickens we have figured out the breeds too.  cinnamon queens, ameraucanas, barnevelders,   hamburgs, cochins, naked necks, buttercups, black sex link, and more I have not been able to identify yet.  We have several red and white ones.  I'm guessing we may have a couple white wyandotte and white jersey giants.  They do not look like leghorns to me.  They look a lot a like at this age but a couple have the greenish tinge to there feet and 3 others have the yellow feet.  the red ones could be cherry eggers, new hampshire, rhode island, production red or comets I really dont know.  They are different shades so i'm sure there is more than one breed.  I should try to get my pics on here maybe you all could help me identify.  We are definitely happy we got it and cackle did good by us.  We would like to do it again but afraid we might get bantams this time and not really wanting bantams.  

just a few pics from our hatchery surprise.  Need help identifying the white ones and the red ones.


pics of the cochins





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