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Nancy have you tried using an open can of tuna fish in your trap? I had a raccoon eat three of my chickens then I got a big trap used for foxes and raccoons open up a can of tuna put it in the back. The next morning I had a big raccoon in it, shot it and buried it. No more problems until the chicken hawk showed up. Put up bird netting over the top of the run, one hawk came in and I had to shoot it and bury it with the chicken.

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No I have not.  Did the raccoon eat only the heads of the chickens?  This is what had happened.  I am pretty sure it was a weasel (or in that family) because it killed the chicken and dragged it to the fence to get it out but could not.  So, it ate the head off and sucked whatever blood out it could.   Never touched any meat.    Ever since,  we have been diligent to get the birds in by dusk and locked in and have found no tracks or scat.  I even shot a chipmunk (which I didn't want at my barn anyway) and used that as bait over some rat traps.  I saw that  on line as a  way of trapping one - not necessarily using the chipmunk but I thought, you know, she was there why not.  Nothing.  Perhaps it has just moved on?
The first raccoon got out and took the chicken with it.The next raccoon I trapped in the trap with the tuna fish it really smell strong, as soon as it was trapped I shot it and buried it. No more trouble with raccoons, only chicken haws were next. As soon as we put up the bird net and trapped on inside then shot it no more trouble, the chicken hawk eats the head off first then tries to fly out. But the chicken hawk was too small to get the hen out of run so I was able to shoot it in the run then bury both of them. Started out with ten hens lost seven of them to predators had to go get four more big black hens. So far so good just keep the rifle handy.




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