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Anyone have success with homemade incubators?  I just picked up the styrofoam cooler, 25 watt lightbulb, thermometer/hygrometer.  I have been watching oodles of videos on youtube and doing all kinds of research.  Has anyone made their own incubator and had reasonable success?

2nd question... has anyone ordered fertile eggs online?  How was the hatch rate?

3rd question... anyone ever traded fertile eggs with anyone either online or with a neighbor or friend?  I think it would be a great way to get some diversity in the flock for just pennies providing they do hatch at home.  Right now I have RIR's and some 2nd generation hens who's mamas originally came from  Sunnyside Hatchery.  I think the mamas were the 'Brown' variety.

Thanks for reading!

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