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Backyard chicken coop/tractor - a home for your hens, and a moveable organic lawn fertilizer! 




How do you house your hens? What about city chickens? I'm curious about how to coop chickens in a limited-space environment.  Any suggestions?

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I made a small tractor last summer, and after going on the road to work, I was able to get the birds this summer.  The coop is working out very well.  I have some pics on my page.  :) The yard is two foot tall, and four by eight.  The coop is three by four.  It is lightweight, and easy to move.  I put wheels on the back, and a pull on the front, and it has been awesome.  I go out in the am, take out the feeder and water, pull to new ground, feed, and water, then let them out.  In the evening, I fill the feed and water in the coop.  It takes a minute to walk out at bedtime and shut the coop.  The yard gets dethatched, debugged, and fertilized, and although it looks beat up, it recovers within a week and looks great.  I do move daily, or they would totally kill the grass.  I have six birds, five hens and a rooster.  This was a totally fun project to build, and has held up to the wear so far.  I don't have plans.  I looked at thousands of them, read a lot, then put it together in my head.
I was thinking about hens this year but the neighbors have been terrorize by a massive bear who's apparently been taking doors off sheds with a single swipe. Our friend lost 11 chickens. Taking that in account, is getting chickens even a good idea in my case? Have any of you dealt with this issue? What kind of chicken coop does a better job at keeping predators out?
Yolande, I have no idea what will keep a hungry bear out.  I don't think I would try it right now.  :(  Where do you live?  Predators here are coyotes, foxes, hawks, coons, and dogs.  Maybe an occasional weasel or mink.  I can't even imagine what you would have to build to protect your flock.




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